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11 Sep

In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of Marine Recycling.

Marine Recycling

Imagine being heavily involved in the Commercial Marine Industry in the Virgin Islands.

Imagine staring down hurricanes Irma and Maria trying to avoid catastrophic damage to your boats.

Can you even imagine 63,000 yachts and boats damaged or destroyed from one event happening?

Chad Blake watched the US Coast Guard scrap over 1000 boats in the Virgin Islands without any marine recycling. Stood onshore watching, thinking, that there had to be a better way.

Understandably, with so much plastic waste and fiberglass waste in the marine environment after a category five hurricane, clean up was high on everyone’s mind.

Online Marine Recycling

Harbor Shoppers & Family Marine History

Chad Blake comes from a family with roots deep in the Marine Industry. It all started with running a large multihull in the Caribbean for almost twenty years. They took charter guests on Sail and SCUBA vacations.

Chad knew the frustration of trying to source reasonably priced parts to keep yacht charters going. Over the years, he found that he had a storage locker crammed with used marine parts that “maybe useful someday” to “wrong part came in the mail” to “sourcing obsolete parts.”

Refitting yachts he had bought, Chad soon found that he needed even harder to source parts. He had to learn to source them at a budget. The full storage lockers he had crammed with boat parts everywhere soon turned into the first Harbor Shoppers Store located at Compass Point Marina on St Thomas, USVI.

Since then, Harbor Shoppers has stores in several locations and more on the way.

As a result of watching the Coast Guard crush and destroy so many boats to take to the landfill, he knew that he could help online marine recycling for the future.

Harbor Shoppers has helped insurance companies, vendors, and owners, repair, list, sell, move, and part out over 600 vessels.

Harbor Shoppers has positively impacted local communities resulting in less pollution in local landfills while also creating several other revenue streams for the local marine industry.

Chad and Jana. Marine Salvage

Chad and Jana Blake

One Hundred Marine Problems to One Solution

Harbor Shopper stores offer millions of dollars worth of stock in various locations. Stock is shipped worldwide.

We are an e-commerce platform for marine products while connecting to other e-commerce and social media platforms. We are a one-stop-shop for buying and selling. Think of us as an eBay for Marine Parts and Yachts. But, with more features, opportunities to make money, and support.

What started with some old boat parts that he was not sure what to do with has turned into a global Maritime recycling company.

Maritime Recycling lessens the human and environmental impact of Oceanic Plastic and Fiberglass

Yacht shipping. Seven Seas

Yacht shipping. Seven Seas


What are the benefits of Marine Recycling with Harbor Shoppers?

  • Buy and sell marine products
  • Complete Turn-key & Software E-Commerce Solution for ANY Marine Industry store looking to sell online
  • Hassle-free customer service
  • We feature a market that is ready to purchase/sell marine goods online AND at our store locations.
  • Complete Documentation for your vessel purchasing
  • Affiliation with several shipping companies for worldwide shipping of vessels

Harbor Shoppers is an Associate Member of the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA). They identify us as a nationally recognized and approved broker for vessels across the United States.

With its many combined features, HARBOR SHOPPERS provides a service not seen anywhere else in the marine industry.

Our team offers A-Z problem-solving in the Marine Industry!

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