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Subsee Explorer Subsee 35 Passenger Reef Viewer

Nautilus VI

$199,900.00$230,000.00save 13.09%
Coral World Ocean Park, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, USVI
53 (ft)

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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1992 Semi-Submarine 53′ Subsee Explorer “Nautilus VI”

Understanding Deep V Boats

The traditional Deep V Hull boats

There are some exceptional fishing boats that are used today for the best outcomes. Boats need to be created in a way that they can handle the rough waters and have the best running attitude. Deep V Boats designs suit each purpose of boats. This is in terms of how and where it is intended to be used as well as the expected speeds. 

When you are choosing deep v fishing boats for sale, then you should not concentrate on the look only. Speed is often a matter of the kind of discomfort anyone operating the deep v boats is ready to endure. 

When a boat has a deep v shape, then it is able to curve through the waves much easier and at a sharper angle. However, this angle can roll side to side if it is not compensated. This is achieved by the adjustment of the chines and molded strakes of its bottom. 

Boats that have Deep V Hulls

For those who love deep v aluminum boats or actively looking for some, it helps to know some of the boats that have these features. It is true that some deep v boats are more popular than others. It is important to be well informed when you want to buy deep v boats for sale

Family or fishing boats?

Deep V Hull can work well when you want to navigate the open waters. It is therefore natural that many of the fishing boats come with Deep V Hulls. This is why you notice that even the most popular options are actually fishing boats. 

Even though most are deep v fishing boats, they can still be used as family boats when the need arises. If you decide to take your family on the boat, there are many activities that you could engage in while on the water, like sunbathing, lounging or skiing. Deep v fishing boats can also be added to the list of hobbies that could hold your fancy. Most deep v fishing boats also happen to be amazing family boats too. This is because they have enough space that can be used for you and your family and even extra space where you can place your gear for the kind of activities you intend to take part in. 

Smoker craft pro angler

This is a deep v fishing boats for sale that you could consider to use and it ranks very high in the craft list. By simply taking a look, you can tell why it is so popular. It is versatile and it can be towed quite easily as well with a vehicle of mid-size. It can also be launched without much difficulty even in places that do not have any docks. 

This model gets upgrades once in a while and it is one of the best fishing boats that can be used by the entire family. There is the rear bench seat, which is split. This makes it possible for 4 people to sit comfortably, by folding it, it can be used as an extension for a casting deck. 

Crestliner 1651 fish hawk

There are different versions of this used deep v fishing boats for sale or the new ones. This boat has great aesthetics and you can choose different colors. There are extra console features including toggle switches and functional gauges. With the many features of this great option, you can have a great time out in the open waters, whether you are fishing or spending time with the family. 

StarCraft renegade 178 DC

This is a great deep v boats for sale that you could consider as well.  The craft is well designed and it was created with many species of fish in mind. This boat can be used at high-end tournaments even though it is more affordable in comparison to others

Even though it is affordable, that is not to say that the quality is low. The bottom is made of the aluminum gauge while the sides are created with .080 gauges. This means that this deep v aluminum boat for sale can take a beating. It has enough space where you can store your gear as well as a bit bucket. The bow deck is raised and can fit around two anglers at a time. The cockpit allows some free space as you troll. 

Kingfisher 2025 flex tiller

Even with the tiller powering it, it does not mean that the Deep V Hull is restricted for use in small lakes or small engines. These options can rate for all sorts of outboards that are capable to reach a 250 horsepower.

It is quite clear that there are a lot of options that are available for anyone looking for deep v aluminum boats for sale. If you want a wider variety then find us, Harbor Shoppers for an even better and closer look. This is your one-stop-shop for all fishing boat solutions and so much more. We have a team of experts to help you with the selection process to guarantee your satisfaction. Get your deep v boats now!

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