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90’ Sailing Yacht Huge Price Drop!
Gibbs Marine Research, Wilmington CA Ron Holland C...

Lauren L

$545,500.00$859,000.00save 36.50%
Georgetown Yacht Basin, Georgetown, Maryland
90 (ft)

Bay View Yacht Sales
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90’ Sailing Yacht Huge Price Drop!

Subsee Explorer Subsee 35 Passenger Reef Viewer

Nautilus VI

$199,900.00$230,000.00save 13.09%
Coral World Ocean Park, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, USVI
53 (ft)

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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1992 Semi-Submarine 53′ Subsee Explorer “Nautilus VI”

Term Trip Vessel for your voyages

Boating lovers may not always afford a vessel with which to engage in different water activities. There is a lot you can do with a term trip vessel. This is the kind of vessel that you book for a specific trip and for a given duration of time for a fee. When you want to go on a boating trip, you need to pick a clue, have some provisions, and have a crew. After this, if you do not already have a boat, you can rent one.

For those with a great experience on the water, they may already be aware of the kind of size and model to go for. However, for those who have not been on the water much, it may not be clear what size or model to go for during the trip. At this point, you can choose to get assistance from people in your life who have boated before. However, choosing from so many models can be a confusing time.

Even for those who have some clue on powerboats and sailboats and their preference, there are still so many layouts, sizes, and styles that you have to think about. This is because there are some boats that are best suited for certain areas while others may not be able to access other areas. You have to think if whether to pick a catamaran or a standard sailboat. Do you need a cabin cruiser or a tug powerboat? Choosing a term trip vessel can be a daunting task, but when you choose the best place to hire, you can be guided on the best choice depending on the facilities you need, the number of people you want on board, the area you want to go to and so on.

Boating area

If you are to pick the right vessel, then you first have to determine where you are going. Is it a lake that can only support the small boats or are you going for deep sea fishing? Are you in a sailing area? Do you need indoor accommodations? These are some of the things that you have to ask yourself before picking the term trip vessel ideal for all your needs.

Water condition

One of the important parts of boating is that there has to be a water body. The water body determines to a great extent what type of boat you should have. If you want to go water for a waterskiing trip, then it is not really necessary to have a longboat. You can have one ride at a time, even if you are with the company. However, if you need to go for deep fishing ventures, a more serious, and the spacious vessel is needed. You do not want to choose a light and small boat or you will feel like you are being tossed around.

Consider the waves in the area you are touring. The best hiring companies can guide you on the best boats to pick under different conditions so that you are not left stranded and disappointed in the water.


The distance you intend to cover also matters. If you are hoping for a longer trip, it is paramount that you have some indoor accommodations for comfort during the trip. This should include essentials like toilet facilities beds and a galley. It helps to have a term trip vessel that has all the necessary external components when a long-distance is concerned.

If you intend to use a powerboat, you have to consider fuel. You should pick a boat that is suitable for a long-distance kind of cruising because it already has a tank capacity that can handle the long stretch without a refill. When a vessel has a high capacity, it means if anything unfortunate happens, you will still a chance to make it.

Overnight accommodation

You have to ensure that you can be comfortable in the boat throughout the trip. You should consider how many people are going with you and whether each needs to have a bed. Consider whether you need sleeping bags. You also need to ensure that there is a fully functional toilet.

Field trips

If you need a term trip vessel for a field trip, the choice of the vessel will have to do with the activities that you have planned out. If you intend to go snorkeling or diving, then you need room to store your gear if the trip is to be successful. You also need a boat that can be accessed easily so that you can get on and off as often and as fast as possible.
Consider a boat that has a low draft if at all you need to tour areas that are shallower.

Where to hire a term trip vessel?

Buying a boat is not possible for everyone. If you want some variety, then you may choose to hire a vessel for the duration of your need and then change to another one as the need arises. Harbor Shoppers offer the best term trip vessels that you can choose from according to your need and the kind of trip you are planning.

You can also visit our other vessel categories like term charter vessel and tour/ day trip vessel and many more.

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