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Just because you are on the water does not mean that life has to come to a stand still. Best Marine Stereo System can keep you entertained and informed. Best boat stereo system are created in a way that they can handle humid situations. At Harbors Shoppers, you can find the best marine sound system and electronics for your boat.

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Garmin Wind Cable
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B&G VHF Wireless Remote Control H50
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Touch Pad Switch Panel(New)
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Poly-Planar MA-4055 Integral Grill Speakers 5'' / 4''
Add to cartPoly-Planar MA-4055 Integral Grill Speakers 5” / 4”
Solar Charge Controller 60A(New)
Add to cartSolar Charge Controller 60A(New)
Solar Charge Controller 10A(New)
Add to cartSolar Charge Controller 10A(New)
Raymarine SeaTalk Autohelm cable 4579-020-A(New)
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Add to cartRaymarine SeaTalk Cable C Series 4579-017-A(New)
Cat 7 Data Cable(New)
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European Adapter(Used)
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Raymarine Axiom Power Cord(New (Out of package))
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Garmin GPSmap 6212(Used)
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marine accessories for sale | boat parts and accessories
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VHF YAESU FT474GX VHFRadio asssembly
Add to cartVHF YAESU FT474GX VHFRadio asssembly
VHF Radio asssembly
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Raymarine Radar(Used)
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FUH Industrial 85 Watt
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Fischer Panda Generator
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Used Y Adapter (1 male 50 Amp)
Add to cartUsed Y Adapter (1 male 50 Amp)
Y Adapter (1 Male 4 Wire 50 Amp. 2 Female 30 Amp)
Add to cartY Adapter (1 Male 4 Wire 50 Amp. 2 Female 30 Amp)
Radar Reflector #154
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VHF Antenna 11"
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VHF Antenna/7"
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Shakespeare Style Coaxial Switch
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Picking an appropriate Marine stereo system

The Best Marine stereos system come in all shapes and sizes, and they function differently. However, it is very common for them to fail or sometimes give an inferior quality in as far as sound is concerned. Sometimes they do not even give you what you want. However, by picking the most appropriate stereo and having it installed correctly, you can notice a significant difference.

Making a boat stereo choice

One of the most important things when it comes to choosing high-quality marine stereo system is picking one that is made to withstand the marine environment. It is crucial to install the marine sound system correctly. This can make a big difference in the kind of out-put you enjoy and how long the stereo lasts. There are some things that you should think about when picking the best stereo and they include:

  • The marinized label

As you pick a stereo, ensure that it is not marinized. When you see this code, it means that the system is an automotive one and has a circuit board that is spray-coated and it is being marketed. This stereo may not be able to withstand the marine environment.

  • Head unit mounting

When possible, ensure that the head is mounted below decks. You should then ensure there is a remote that is waterproof right at the dash. This ensures that the life of the stereo is extended significantly. You may still have replaced the remote from time to time.

  • IPX ratings

When choosing the best marine stereo for sale, you need to take a look at the IPX ratings. Even when the stereo happens to be below decks, the moisture takes a toll eventually. When a stereo has a rating of around six is the best. This means that it has been tested with pressurized water blasts. When the rating is seven, it means that the units are submerged for around 30 minutes, and this means that they are even better.

  • MP3 support

This is one rule that you should never forget when you are picking the best marine sound system. One thing you note is that CDs are not always the ideal choice, and the radio coverage when you are out on the water may be a bit spotty. Cassettes are outdated and do not offer the best option. If you want to enjoy your stereo, then an MP3 is the best. It is even better when the player is inside because if it has a jack, then it means that it will be corroded when it is plugged in. This leaves the player exposed to rough rides and salt spray.

  • Subwoofer

You can also consider installing a subwoofer to boost the output. In most cases, boat acoustics suck. There is also the wind noise that you have to consider. It ends up cancelling the kind of sound that is produced by the stereo especially when you are at high speeds. To remedy this, you need the best marine speakers to make it better. By choosing a good marine subwoofer, the sound vibrations are felt and heard better. This creates a significant difference and ensures that the tunes are better when you are resting or while on the move.

  • Wire installations

When you are doing your installation, ensure that you do not use any regular wires for the sound system. This is because it just ends up corroding, and it then breaks. You need to ensure that you utilize a tinned copper marine cable that is applied in electrical accessories.

  • Watts

You need to ensure that the wattage is higher compared to what you usually use on land. In many cases, it takes double the watts to meet the needs of open boats.

  • Enclosed speakers

It is always better to have enclosed speakers. Usually, the flush mounting in the console leads to terrible sound quality. This is because there is a space just behind the speaker, and this causes an effect on the sound. When the speaker is enclosed, it means that space is designed in a way that matches the needs of the speaker.

  • Installation size

In case you had a stereo already installed and you are replacing it, it means that there will be a cutout hole already. The custom size may dictate the kind of stereo that you choose. It helps to find something that fits the hole well.

Sourcing the best marine stereo system

Technology has improved and the kinds of stereo equipment you can get today have changed. If you need a new model or vintage stereo equipment, you are well covered at harbor shoppers. You can browse through the available marine stereo system options and settle for the one that is the best for your needs. You can make a choice based on things like features, power capacity, output, and so on.

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