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Plastimo Dinghy W/Engine(Used)

Plastimo Dinghy W/Engine(Used)

Sierra Starter Switch (DELCO) 18-5838

Sierra Starter Switch (DELCO) 18-5838

YANMAR ENGINE PARTS | New & used marine parts store near me

Yanmar Gearbox – Transmission – KM35A Ratio 2.64 for 3 cylinder engine

3.3hp Mariner Outboard - 20" shaft

3.3hp Mariner Outboard – 20″ shaft

used marine parts near me | outboard marine parts

Kubota Engine for a Panda Generator (USED)

20 Horse Power Tohatsu Outboard (Used)

20 Horse Power Tohatsu Outboard (Used)

Running Westerbeke W33 For Sale

Running Westerbeke W33 For Sale

Best deals on used boat propellers for sale near me | used boat props for sale

Suzuki Propeller Suzuki 58110-93900-01T

4 blade stainless steel props for sale | used outboard propellers for sale

Suzuki Propeller Suzuki Propeller

cheap boat engines

2011 Mercury 9.9 HP

cheap boat motors for sale

EU 3.5HP outboard Tohatsu EU 2005

Michigan Properties: Michigan Propeller 311155

Michigan Properties: Michigan Propeller 311155

Exhaust Riser 7169

Exhaust Riser 7169

used boat motors for sale near me
Osco 8068 $140.00

Osco 8068 Elbow Exhaust Osco 8068 (New)

Boat engines for sale

Sierra 18-1958 Manifolds (New)

used boat engines for sale

Manifold (New)

cheap boat motors for sale

Manifold Exhaust (New)

used boat motors for sale near me

Yanmar Engine mount (New)

new boat motors for sale

Industrial Engine Mount (New)

used small boat motors for sale

Trim/tilt (New)

used yamaha boat engines for sale

Sierra Manifold Sierra 18-1959 (Used)

used boat props for sale and used outboard propellers for sale

Cutlass Bearing (Used)

Tachometer Volvo Penta (New)
Volvo Penta $250.00

Tachometer Volvo Penta (New)

used small boat motors for sale

Used Engine Mount

The uniqueness of marine engines for sale

Buying the right marine engines for sale for your vessel

Sometimes, it is necessary to change your marine engines for sale to a new one. This is done when the engine is defective or when it is too old to operate, as it should. There are those of us who take to online sources to try and find the marine engines to use for our particular boat model. There are also some who notice that car engines tend to be cheaper compared to marine engines. However, the marine engines are specially created to handle marine situations and cannot be replaced with the automobile motors.

What makes new & used marine engines stand out from others?

Corrosion resistance

This is one of the greatest differences that exist as far as the new and used marine engines are concerned. They are designed in such a way that they can withstand environments that are constantly wet. This means that they can resist any kind of corrosion that comes as a result of being underwater.

For this reason, the different parts of the engine are made using materials that are corrosion resistant. The valve guides the freeze plugs and the head gaskets and other parts need to be made especially for such environments.

Heavy duty

If you are looking for new & used marine engines for sale, you notice that they are heavy duty. Marine engines are usually set at full throttle throughout as they cruise through the water. The camshaft of the marine engine is built in a way that it can use low-end torque as much as possible. Such an engine only has a single gear compared to four or more present in car engines.

Major components

commercial marine engines for sale or other kinds of engines usually have a starter, distributor, and an alternator that is very different from that of a cart. Special screens are used here to ensure that internal sparks are extinguished and gas fumes are not lit within the engine area once they vent. It is important to ensure that your boat actually has the screens in place. Not using the screens could cause damage to the boat and also pose as a peril to anyone around the boat.


The other thing is used. Even though they are operated at full throttle, old or new marine engines for sale are not used that often. Most people do not ride boats like they ride cars. The best marine engine is built differently from other options. It is therefore not easy to replace boat engines with just any other.

The varieties of marine engines

Whether you need big or small marine engines, you need to appreciate that there are different varieties involved. One is the outboard motor that is popular on pleasure boats and fishing boats. The outboard motor is often self-contained and it has a propeller, steering, and an engine. This marine engine comes with two to three cylinders and there are different varieties here as well.

The inboard motor is also a wise choice when you are picking new or old marine engines. This uses diesel or gas fuel to power. The propeller shaft and rudder are usually inside or under the boat. Here, the typical cylinders are either four or six; this is an engine that is more powerful than outboard motors.

Used engines should fit the boat as appropriate and all the different components within. You need to think about your boat carefully before choosing an engine. You cannot afford to make unnecessary errors.

Buying the new & used marine engines for sale

It is of utmost importance that you choose the right kind of small or large marine engines for your boat.

Weight and horsepower

Always remember that the horsepower and the weight can have a great impact on the way the boat performs. You should match the right option and the size of your propeller to ensure that the maximum performance is catered for. Harbor Shoppers can guide you in making the right section. Asking questions can be great because you are sure that you have what you really need.


New marine engines should be picked with the size in mind. It should have the right kind of horsepower that the vessel needs for optimum performance. There are still second hand marine engines that are still in good working condition and can be used on functional boats. If the best marine engines do not have the ideal horsepower, it is possible that you will get disenchanted sooner than later. The choice of the best new or old marine engines is to think of the activities you intend to engage in and the kind of pace you prefer.

Making the purchase

When you need a high quality large or small marine engines for sale, it makes sense to buy from a genuine boat dealer like Harbors Shoppers. We offer you the best marine engine price without compromising on the quality of the same.

You can also explore our other categories like marine steering wheel, underwater boat lights, sailboat sails, marine hatches, marine electrical, stainless steel marine hardware, marine engine parts, marine windows, marine electric propulsion, marine plumbing, etc.

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