Boat Bilge Pump

Any boater can tell you how important a boat bilge pump is. It is used to get rid of bilge water in a boat. Marine water pump is available in different sizes and types. The boat type and size usually determine the number and size of boat water pumps needed. Take your pick from us and enjoy great quality.

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Rule 1000 GPH / 790 LPH Bilge Pump Model 20A
Add to cartRule 1000 GPH / 790 LPH Bilge Pump Model 20A
RM 69 Toilet/Bilge Manual Pump
Add to cartRM 69 Toilet/Bilge Manual Pump
Used yanmar marine parts | used marine parts near me
Add to cartYanmar Fuel Injection Assembly 729271-51450 for 3 cylinder engine
Mayfair Bilge Blower
Add to cartMayfair Bilge Blower
bilge pumps for small boats
Add to cartRule Non-Automatic Submersible Bilge Pump
cheap bilge pump
Add to cartJabsco Pumpgard
Boat bilge pump
Add to cartJabsco Replacement Motor Jabsco 18753-0554
Marine Bilge Pump
Add to cartJabsco Pump for Electric toilet Jabsco 37065
Small Bilge Pump
Add to cartGroco Arg-1500-P | Arg-1500-P 1 1/2″ STR
large bilge pump
Add to cart600 Submersible Bilge Pump (New)
bilge pumps for small boats
Add to cartRule Bilge Pump (New)
Marine Chevy Circulation Water pump (New)
Add to cartMarine Chevy Circulation Water pump (New)
Rule 3-Way Rocker Panel Bilge Pump Switch
Add to cartRule 3-Way Rocker Panel Bilge Pump Switch
Seal housing (New)
Add to cartSeal housing (New)
Water Regulator (Used)
Add to cartWater Regulator (Used)
Groco SPO-60-N Vane Pump (Used)
Add to cartGroco SPO-60-N Vane Pump (Used)
$115.00 $46.00
Add to cartWhaler Gulper 320, 12V, Bilge Pump (Used)
March Pump Magnetic Drive Pump (Used)
Add to cartMarch Pump Magnetic Drive Pump (Used)
Shuffling Washdown Pro Blaster
Add to cartShuffling Washdown Pro Blaster
Add to cartDiaphragm Pump Whale (Used)
Add to cartMarch Pump Centrifugal
Tank Watch (Used)
Add to cartTank Watch (Used)
Add to cartJabsco Kit Valves 37202, Model 30005 (New)
Add to cartMunster Simms Manual Bilge Pump

Does your vessel need a boat bilge pump?

Importance of marine bilge pump and choosing the best

By definition, a bilge pump is a special marine water pump whose main use is to get rid of bilge water. You notice that sometimes fuel can be found inside the bilge. For this reason, the automatic bilge pump for boat  manufactured are designed in such a way that they do not cause any kind of sparks, as this could be catastrophic.

In most cases, the electric bilge pump for boat options are fitted with some float switches. These are used to switch the pump on when the set level within the bilge is met. There are chances that the boat bilge pumps for sale can fail and therefore, it is important for boaters to have a backup pump to remedy the issue. The main pump is located at the bilge’s lowest point. The second one should be somewhere higher than that. This is to make pretty sure that the second bilge pumps for sale is activated if the first one fails or if it is overwhelmed. The level is also meant to ensure that the second pump stays free of debris that sometimes clogs the first pump.

How does water get to the bilge through boat water pump?

At some point, every boat has to deal with water within the bilge. When this happens, the water has to go at all costs. The water usually gets into the bilge from melting ice, leaky seams if the boat is made of wood, leaky portlight, propeller shaft packing gland, and many other places.

Why do you need a boat bilge pump for sale?

If water gets to the bilge and then you leave it there in large amounts, you may experience very many effects on the boat that are not desirable. The water can destabilize the boat. It can also lift any fuel that has been spilled and then distribute it all through the bilge. This can cause attacks on electrical wiring and insulation among many other things that need to remain protected. The water can also lead to damage within the fiberglass hauls especially due to the development of osmotic blisters. The chances of the boat sinking are also quite higher. The main function of a bilge pumps for small boats & large boats is to get rid of this water and avoid the issues associated with it.

Sometimes you may need a large cheap bilge pumps for sale. This is especially when you have to deal with leaks that are catastrophic in nature and are caused by the presence of holes within the hull. This could be as a result of a collision. Sometimes you may be dealing with a storm that ends up sending in water from waves. If such a thing happens, bilge pumps for small boats or large boats can be used, but its effectiveness should be limited to a very short time. It makes sense to have repairs done on the areas affected to stop the leak. It could also be limited for use up until you abandon ship or get to safety.

Things to note about marine bilge pump

To reduce the chances of getting disappointed, there are things that you need to understand even before you buy a aluminium boat bilge pump. Virtually, there is no single boat that has a system that is adequate to handle the kind of leaks caused after the hull is damaged. In most cases, the best bilge pump for bass boats or any other boats are designed in such a way that they can handle small water quantities. Most times the damage control pumps are used by coast guards.

It is important to note that the high flow bilge pump are meant for small water quantities. The main intention of having a small bilge pump for small boats is to handle rainwater spray and the accumulation of water due to spillage and seepage.

If your boat has a leak that you already know of, you should not leave a small bilge pumps for small boats alone hoping that it will assist keep the boat afloat until you get back. The water can easily overwhelm the boat and sink it.

Choosing boat water pump

When picking the best boat pump, you have to be careful. The type of boat you have can determine the number and the size of boats needed. You need to ensure that the marine bilge pump near me is in a position to handle any water within the bilge. By understanding the kind of damage water can cause, you should appreciate the importance of getting the best for your vessel.

There are so many types of pumps that you can choose including the portable piston pump, hand bailer, or bucket that is ideal for day sailors. For ski boats and runabouts, one subversive electric pump can be used in the lowest stern point within your bilge. If the boat has a sterndrive, consider having the pump under the engines oil pan.

Harbor Shoppers is the best place to buy a boat along with parts and accessories. We have all your boat bilge pump needs to be catered for at Harbors Shoppers. You can peruse a wide array of large & small bilge pump options and pick the best for your boat. We are always willing and ready to assist all clients so that they can enjoy satisfaction.

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