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Boat Propellers for sale aid the boat to move forward. They need to be strong and capable of performing the task they are meant to perform. Different inboard and outboard propellers for sale are suitable for different types of boats. You must have searched very hard for answers to questions like “boat propellers for sale near me”, didn’t you? But here’s a stop to your search! The best marine propellers for sale are now available at the best prices. We have in-stock all sorts of high-quality new and used boat propellers to suit different types of boats. We can also assist in the decision making process.

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Damaged Duo Propeller
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Controllable Pitch Propeller
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Bronze 2-Blade 16'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze 2-Blade 16” Propeller
Bronze 16'' Propeller
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Bronze 12'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze 12” Propeller
Volvo B7 Propeller
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Michigan Bronze 10 1/4 x 10 Propeller
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Bronze Canal Line 18'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze Canal Line 18” Propeller
Bronze 12'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze 12” Propeller
Volvo B6 Propeller
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Used Yamaha 9.9-15HP Propeller
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Volvo B4 Propeller
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Evinrude/Johnson 080 Propeller
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Hustler HI-1014 Propeller
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Used Suzuki 40-50-55-60-65 HP Propeller
Add to cartUsed Suzuki 40-50-55-60-65 HP Propeller
Add to cartUsed Aluminium 10” Propeller
Yamaha 9.9-15-20HP Propeller
Add to cartYamaha 9.9-15-20HP Propeller
Chrysler Propeller
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Suzuki A400 Propeller
Add to cartSuzuki A400 Propeller
Evinrude/Johnson 389093 Propeller
Add to cartEvinrude/Johnson 389093 Propeller
Michigan Propeller
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Suzuki 60-140 HP Propeller
Add to cartSuzuki 60-140 HP Propeller
Tohatsu Propeller
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New Suzuki 061003 Propeller
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Boat Propellers for Sale – Pick the Best Boat Props

Boaters understand how important the boat propellers for sale is. Having a good one in a way helps you achieve great things as far as performance is concerned. Your boat can give you so much more if you are keen and pick a great inboard or outboard propellers that compliments all other parts.

You should always make sure that the boat propellers are matched the application such as performance, water skiing, and cruising. When you match them, you are in a position to maximize engine power. It also ends up improving acceleration and handling. You should learn as much as you can about the way different designs can affect the speed, power, and efficiency if your boat. After this, you should take the time to choose the best boat propellers for your specific boat and the application you have in mind.

How does inboard and outboard propellers work?

In most cases, inboard or outboard boat propellers for sale are described using two numbers. The numbers are an indication of the pitch and the diameter.

Usually, the outboard and inboard boat propellers for sale comes with a hub that has blades all around. These blades bear the same size and length. They are also twisted to make it possible for them to actually push the water back as they rotate. The action of pushing water is what the boat moves forward (propel).

In most cases, propellers blades rotate clockwise if you are looking from the rear side. There are also the anticlockwise ones that are paired with the clockwise ones if your boat has a dual-engine installation. This can help to stabilize the boat and make steering easier.

You can buy boat propellers according to blade such as 3 blade stainless steel propellers, 4 blade stainless steel boat propellers according to your boat needs.

New & Used Boat Propellers for sale Design Considerations

When you are picking boat Propellers, it helps to know the designs that you could consider.

Usually, the diameter describes the blade’s overall size and this is usually measured starting from the tip. The boat propellers that have a larger diameter are capable of pushing more water compared to the smaller ones. This means that a boat propeller for sale with a wider diameter is superior to the smaller counterpart.

Usually, the diameter of the boat props for sale near me is determined by the product manufacturer. The pitch refers to the distance in which the propeller is able to move the boat when it rotates once. This does not account for any slip.

If a marine propeller has a lower pitch, it is capable of creating even more power because of the engine RPM. Regardless of this, the boat moves slower. Using a high pitch boat props makes it possible for the faster movement to be achieved. The boat travels a greater distance in this case. As you make your choice, it makes sense to pick boat propellers for sale that have a pitch that allows the RPM of the engine to remain within the operating range that it is meant to be in. When you go under the best range, the bolt lugs and you end up straining the engine.

Inboard & Outboard Propellers blade

Blades come with important features that are added to the design. Between the hub and the blade, we have a rake. The angle of the rake may be flat and can remain uniform all along the blade or it may be progressive. This means that the angle starts to increase as you head to the tip. The rake can be an angle of between 0 and 20 degrees. It is this angle that determines how the bow lifts from the water. Rakes that are high are great for high speed and lightweight speedboats. When the rake is too much, it means that you could strain the engine and this could have an impact on the performance.

Inboard propellers for sale may also be cupped meaning that their engines could have a lip. When a cup is present, space is created between the blade sides which reduces slippage and ventilation. When the cup is at the blade tip, the angle of the rake is increased, and therefore you experience a better lift. The pitch size is increased by cups located at the trailing edge.

The blades are designed to help prevent ventilation and cavitation. Ventilation happens when some air is drawn around the propeller blades between the water and the surface of the blade. Cavitation happens when there are disturbances in water flow, causing bubbles that boil and then burst, causing damage to the blade surface.

The best boat propellers material

When picking new or used boat propellers, you need to think about the material. Outboard propellers for sale can be made from stainless steel or aluminum.

Marine props made of aluminum are a good choice because they are durable; they perform well and are affordable. As for best boat props for sale made of steel, they are stronger and this improves durability and performance.

If you are looking for new or used boat props for sale, you can look at our wide selection at Harbor Shoppers. You can find high quality new and boat propellers for sale at affordable prices.

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