Sailing Boats for Sale

What are Sailing Boats mainly used for? These boats are generally water transport boats that are propelled partly or entirely by sails. There is a complete range of sailing vessel which is manufactured using impermeable, and lightweight polymer with some vibrant and eye-catchy colors painted on it. Buy yours as there are many new & used sailing boats for sale.

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2019 Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 'Vila Vino' - Sale Pending
Add to cart2019 Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 ‘Vila Vino’ – Sale Pending
New Sailboat for Sale: 2016 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389 (Irish lass)
$179,000.00 $155,000.00
Add to cartNew Sailboat for Sale: 2016 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389 (Irish lass)
Hurry up Pandemic Sale: 2008 37 Beneteau Sea Traveler
$139,000.00 $129,000.00
Add to cartHurry up Pandemic Sale: 2008 37 Beneteau Sea Traveler
Dufour 380 Grand Large 37' 2013 (Abracadabra)
$129,950.00 $119,950.00
Add to cartDufour 380 Grand Large 37′ 2013 (Abracadabra)
cheap sailboats for sale
Add to cartLufinha Lagoon 450s 45′, 2017
cheap sailboats for sale
$200,000.00 $165,000.00
Add to cartJeanneau Sun Odyssey 51′

New & Used sailing yachts for sale

The sailing boats are propelled by sails; either completely or partly. There are many different types of sailing boats since they vary by region and maritime culture. This is why you should have some prior knowledge about the types of sailing boats that exist and their features so that you can decide which boat best suits your needs. We at Harbor Shoppers, have all the answers to your marine shopping questions and you can find a wide range of sailing boats for sale on our website.

Why do you need help to buy sailing boats?

There are many things that one has to consider before purchasing something as important and expensive as sailing yachts for sale. They come in various shapes and sizes, varying according to their purpose and ranging from small sailing boats such as dinghies for children to sailing ships that are worth millions. There are also many technical aspects that you should consider such as the resale value of the ship. We hope not, but if the sad day comes when you have to sell your ship; resale value should also be a consideration. This is where the need comes in for professional help and our domain acts as a genie rubbed out from a lamp.

Harbor Shoppers: One-Stop-Shop for all things marine

On Harbor Shoppers, we have an excellent database of boating enthusiasts who are interested in buying or selling their sailing ships for sale. We list new sailing ships for sale as well as used sailboats for sale. Apart from sailboats for sale, we also have an extensive inventory of boat and marine parts which makes your one stop destination for all your marine shopping needs!

Moreover, you can find great deals on boats and boat parts on our website and can easily participate in our live sailing boats auctions where sellers take our rate, and boats are sold at the speed of light!

Making buying and selling ships an effortless process for you:

If you are a seller who has decided to let go of your beautiful sailboat, brokers at Harbor Shoppers understand the difficulties that come with selling your boat in an offline marketplace. The competition that exists is daunting, and the process of shipping, payment, meeting and talking to potential customers is time-consuming. This is where we step in and act as your broker. We take care of all the steps in the process from listing your sailing ships for sale on our website to the last step of payment and shipping.

Why is Harbor Shoppers the best?

The market of buying and selling used sailing boats is booming in the United States with many clients purchasing used boats at decent prices and repairing them to a pristine condition to use them in the years to come.

Harbor Shoppers ensures transparency throughout the process and never reveals any confidential information that you share with our brokers or on our website to any third-party. We provide you with an expedited and friendly shopping experience so that you keep coming back to us for more deals! What are you waiting for? Take the guesswork out by going directly to Harbor Shoppers and participate in our sailing boats online auctions right now!

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