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Poly-Planar MA-4055 Integral Grill Speakers 5'' New BP
Poly-Planar MA-4055 Integral Grill Speak... $40.00

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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Poly-Planar MA-4055 Integral Grill Speakers 5” New BP

Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 Table (Used) $400.00
Harbor Shoppers, St. Thomas, USVI
Mahe 36 Table

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 Table (Used)

Best Outdoor Marine furniture | Boat Furniture for Sale

Boat Furniture is defined as things like tables, chairs and sofas that are used to make a comfortable place to live in Boat. An example of Boat furniture is a couch, a chair, a table or upholstery etc.

There are only some materials that can withstand marine conditions. One of them is A-grade teak, which is rich in natural oils and is composed of densely packed fine (yet strong) grain. It is the most popular decking material for boat furniture, as it is light, strong, and maintenance-free. It is the clear winner against other timber species.

There is a point to be noted that lesser grade teak is not suitable for boat furniture because it is not rich in natural oils and, most importantly, does not have the required grain density. Lesser grade teak will warp and grow moldy even when regularly oiled.

The material used for marine furniture:

    1. Marine-grade (316) stainless steel

Marine-grade (316) stainless steel is also a suitable material for boat furniture. 316-grade stainless steel has been made thin, strong, and non-corrosive; however, this is a much costlier option than A-grade teak. It is generally used only for heavy-duty and industrial structural purposes in saltwater conditions. It is used in marine furniture stores. 316-grade stainless steel can be ordered for most Wintons Teak designs if desired, but we readily stock the boat furniture for the use of 304-grade stainless steel. This is only one step below marine-grade, but it is more cost-effective and generally more than sufficient for domestic and commercial furniture.

Marine-grade stainless steel is made of nickel and chromium. This means that it has extra resistance to corrosion. Because it’s so strong and reliable over time, marine-grade steel is also used for surgical instruments, professional kitchens, and even nuclear reprocessing plants.

We also choose marine grade steel for our outdoor furniture because of its sleek, timeless look. All of our luxury furniture is inspired by classic design and an outdoor, seagoing lifestyle. Just like stainless steel itself, it’s the perfect balance between style and function.

    2. Synthetic wicker

In addition to teak and stainless steel, synthetic wicker is also used for boat furniture because it is flexible, lightweight, and rot-free.

While it is not as durable as A-grade teak, synthetic wicker has the visible benefit of not greying over time as is the case with teak. The silvery patina, however, can be easily removed by scrubbing with water and detergent – of course only if you prefer honey-coloured teak to the weathered silver teak look.

Factors consider before purchasing boat furniture

  • Type of boat furniture:

Boat furniture can be used as an interior or exterior furniture and it may be permanently attached or movable. They are designed to suit the needs and arrangements typical of recreational vessels.

  • Marine plywood:

Marine plywood is superior category plywood which is higher in quality and strength as compared to both Moisture Resistant (MR) and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) grade plywood. So it is used for making boat furniture.

Marine plywood is most commonly used in appliances where the ply is going to get prolonged exposure to water. It is the best high-quality for marine applications such as all the woodwork or marine furniture required for building ships and boats. It is formulated for water submersion and is ideal for being used in shipbuilding, boats, boat tables or yacht tables, lake platforms, decks, bathrooms, and kitchens, etc. Unlike interior plywood it is made of 3-5 layers of wood, marine plywood is made of many layers of wood, sealed together with waterproof glue.

  • Technologies of boat furniture:

Teak tables are quite common in boat furniture. These are weatherproof and rot-resistant, they can be fixed or folding legs. Some models fold into the floor sole, disappearing completely. There are also occasional tables, easy to store, and very practical aboard rigid inflatables and other small craft. These tables are made of stainless steel, aluminium, laminates, fibreglass, and even carbon. Some are intended for cleaning fish, card playing, or another specific activity. Certain models are true works of art, featuring elaborate marquetry, bright varnish, or trendy brushed steel.

  • How to choose boat furniture:

The choice of boat furniture will depend on the available space and intended uses of the boat table. Interior or exterior installation also will affect selection. Verify adequate storage space for folding boat table models. The table should blend in with the surrounding decor. For some vessels, the marine table will have to be custom-made.

Some boat furniture are:

    1. Boat tables

Since space is at a premium, tables on boats must be multifunctional. For fishing trips, boat tables become attractions and catch prep stations. When entertaining on board, these same tables readily serve meals and even host cardboard games and many more. Whatever your boating life requires, you can depend on Harbor Shoppers to offer the best products from the best marine brands, especially useful products such as boat tables.

Some boat tables are:

  • Octagonal boat table tops

It has features that it is a corrosion-resistant, molded plastic top that includes 4 cup holders. It is great for enjoying light meals and snacks.

  • Whitecap’s Teak drink holder with removable cockpit boat table

It is an elegant way to serve your ship’s pilot. The teak tray will match with similar furniture, trim, and decor.

  • Magma’s Tournament Series Bait & filet boat table with levelock rod holder mount

Going fishing? If you Need a stern or rail-mount table? It has features of an FDA-approved, sanitary polyethene tabletop which is ideal for cutting bait and filleting the day’s catch.

    2. Versatile boat tables for every craft

Another item to consider when upgrading boat furniture is the installation of a boat table which is positioned next to L-shaped seating, it provides a dining surface as well as a table for playing cards and other games. Recreational boaters will try up to appreciate a dock or mooring and enjoying ducktails from their personal Butler Bar Caddy. These boat tables rail-mount and also provide a place for cups, ice, beverages, and a shelf for snacks, plates, and napkins, etc.

Looking For Boat Furniture? See our product range boat furniture online – Harbor Shoppers

Harbor Shoppers carry a huge range of marine furniture stores, boat Furniture, yacht tables, used boat furniture, boat table parts, and table tops. We have table bases, complete table pedestals, table posts, and boat tables for your boat. Our vast selection of all boat furniture accessories is just the beginning; check out our inventory of discount new and replacement parts. At Harbor Shoppers, we value our customers. Providing the best customer service is our primary goal.

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