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A catamaran boat is a kind of multi-hulled water vessel that has two parallel hulls of equal size on the opposite ends. It is a symmetrically-stabilized water vessel deriving its stability from the wide beam. We provide the best quality new and used catamaran for sale at the best prices that are available online, so what are you waiting for, Book yours now.

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2005 32' TomCat 9.7 Sailboat (Nietverdient)
Add to cart2005 32′ TomCat 9.7 Sailboat (Nietverdient)
1998 Glacier Bay Canyon Runner (Lady Grace)
Add to cart1998 Glacier Bay Canyon Runner (Lady Grace)
2012 Navalcat Dive Catamaran 45'
Add to cart2012 Navalcat Dive Catamaran 45′
2016 Aquila 443 Disco Boat : Luxury Power Catamaran
Add to cart2016 Aquila 443 Disco Boat : Luxury Power Catamaran
2019 Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 'Vila Vino' - SOLD
Add to cart2019 Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 ‘Vila Vino’ – SOLD
Reduced Price for this Catamaran for Sale: 2004 43' Belize 43 (Blue Oasis)
$160,000.00 $139,000.00
Add to cartReduced Price for this Catamaran for Sale: 2004 43′ Belize 43 (Blue Oasis)
Hurricane Dorian Special: 1996 40' Manta 40 Sail Catamaran (Starship) for Sale
$39,000.00 $29,000.00
Add to cartHurricane Dorian Special: 1996 40′ Manta 40 Sail Catamaran (Starship) for Sale

Understanding the Catamaran for Sale

Nobody knows catamarans as we do at Harbor Shoppers! If you are considering purchasing a catamaran for sale, we would highly recommend you invest in these lovely boats that are used all over the world, without wasting any more time! If you have decided to buy a catamaran, the next step is to choose the boat that suits your needs perfectly so that you get maximum enjoyment from your catamaran boat. Catamarans are usually faster than monohulls.

Evolution of the Best Catamaran:

The Paravas, a fishing community on the southern coast of India, invented catamarans. They have evolved from being fishing boats in India to being used for racing, sailing and leisure purposes.

Today, catamarans are available in various shapes and sizes, ranging from a basic version of 14 feet to a luxury catamaran yacht of approximately 100 feet. Harbor Shoppers is here to guide you through all the choices and assist you to sort through them, meticulously!

Types of Catamaran for Sale:

We love to assist our clients with purchasing the best catamaran for them, and our representatives will also be there for you on the sad day when you decide to let go of your beloved boat and put your catamaran on sale. This resource page for catamarans has been put in place to make your shopping experience smoother and displays various types of catamarans such as power catamarans, Motor Catamaran, and sailing catamarans.

Features of a Best Catamaran:

Most types of catamarans available these days are motorized and engine-powered. This makes them more reliable than before, and a top choice for young buyers and those who are buying it for a family. The most popular types are beach catamarans, racing catamarans, catamaran cruisers, open-deck and bridge deck catamarans, Used catamaran as well as Trimarans.

Catamarans usually come with more space which equals more privacy and is amongst one of the top reasons why boat enthusiasts love to purchase catamarans. They have different cabins located in different corners that are separated from the gallery as well as the lounging room. This means that you can find your individual corner on the boat and spend some moments of solitude against the beautiful gushing sounds of the waves.

New and Used Catamaran Boats for Sale:

In addition to selling new catamaran boats for sale, we also have used catamarans on our website. Our representatives can help you avoid falling for the common pitfalls of purchasing a pre-owned catamaran and help you make the right choice. Our catamaran auction ensures that both buyers and sellers get the best value while buying/ selling on our platform!

You can buy and sell used boat parts or new boat parts from a catamaran boat on our website too! For all your marine shopping needs, come to Harbor Shoppers, the best and the most experienced boat brokers in the market. Get Catamaran for sale Now! You can also buy Deep V Boats.

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