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62' Custom Commercial Boat
Custom Built Custom

Kelly Jayne (Formally Royal Star II)

Indpendent Boatyard and Marina
62 (ft)

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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62′ Custom Commercial Boat

What is a trawler?

A trawler is a boat that could be recreational and for purposes of pleasure or it can be a boat meant for purposes of fishing. Recreational trawlers are also called trawler yachts or cruising trawlers. There are so many styles and types of trawlers.

If you are looking for trawler boats for sale, it is important that you first establish exactly what you need it for. For a fishing trawler, it comes with a displacement hull that is meant for land carrying.

If you want to buy a trawler for the recreational option, you should know that there is a semi-displacement hull. Because of the cost of fuel that seems to be rising every day, there are many who now prefer the recreational trawler boats for sale over the fishing ones. This is because this type of trawler tends to consume less fuel in comparison, even though this affects the speed.

Overview of trawlers

A fishing trawler can be referred to as a commercial fishing vessel that is well designed to operate different fishing trawls, trawling is that fishing method which involves the pulling and dragging of trawls through water and this is done behind trawler/s.

In this case, the trawls refer to fishing nets that are usually pulled on the sea bottom or sometimes in mid-water at a depth that has been specified, it is possible for one trawler to handle more than one trawl net at the same time. This is called a multi-rig or double rig.

There are so many kinds of trawling gear that you can choose. These vary in accordance with the conditions that are at the bottom, the local conditions, and the power and size of the trawling boats.

There are small trawlers for sale that can have 30 horsepower. There are larger options, in most case factory ships that can have up to 10,000 horsepower.

When choosing trawler boats for sale, you need to consider the trawl variants that are available, these include large opening mid-water options, large bottom trawls, and beam trawls. These are usually rigged using some heavy rubber wheels and they allow the net to hover over the bottom even if it is rocky.

Features of trawler boats for sale

If you are looking for used trawler boats or new options, you need to understand what makes a trawler different from other types of boats.

Trawler yachts for sale are now considered to be fashionable and owning one sets you on another class.

There are so many varieties of boats and that is why you need to understand what trawler yacht for sale really is so that you can make an informed decision. A trawler yacht is not necessarily a better performer as a fast trawler. The two are just different; trawler yacht tends to be able to handle the long-range kind of cruising when on the open sea than a yacht that has powerful engines and one that can plane.

When you are looking for trawlers for sale by owner, you need to know that, the definition of one usually depends on the condition that prevails in the area where you are planning to use it. In places where there are treacherous waters and cold or areas that are prone to hurricanes, trawlers have to be seaworthy vessels and quite stout as well, they need to have a displacement hull, a single diesel, and a skeg as well. It is also necessary for such a vessel to have accommodation facilities to handle a freezer hold, an engine room, and a pilothouse.

It is also important for such a boat to have some heavy machinery for fishing like net rollers, and trawl winches.

It is easy to find used trawler boats in the market. Before making a purchase, you should find out more about the boat in question and carry out some tests. It is important to appreciate the fact that trawlers are usually fishing vessels that are required to move at slow speeds while dragging trawls. It is important to get the boat out in the water and back to the docks when you have made a catch,

When choosing used trawler boats or new ones, you need to choose one that is exceptionally seaworthy. Fishing trawler for sale should also boast a large deadweight. This deadweight is in reference to the fish, fuel, fresh water, provisions, and so on. They should be in a position to steam at a long-range too to save fuel.

In the past, the original trawler yachts for sale was meant for services at mid-shore. However, things have changed and offshore, grounds can also be covered.

If you want trawler boats for sale, visit us, Harbors Shoppers so that you can look at what we have in stock. Our staff members are always ready to help you learn even more about the ideal trawler boat and what you should be looking for.

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