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There are different types of boats that come with different fuel systems. There comes a time when you need to replace your boat fuel tank and based on how important it is, you need to pick something functional. We have different types of plastic boat fuel tanks, Boat gas tanks that are fairly priced and of the best quality near you.

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WATT Stainless Water Expansion Tank- SPET- 3 (NEW) Watts Regulator Expansion Tank
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Baja Diesel Filter for fueling
$150.00 $99.00
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Add to cartSierra Diesel Oil Filter 18-7884
MP-0904-000-0 Oil Filter
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18-7272 Sierra AC Fuel Pump for GM
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Attwood Fuel Lines And Pump (New)
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cheap used boat motors for sale
Add to cartSeachoice Fuel Line Kit (New)
463772 Fluid Filter Kit (New)
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Fuel Tank Longcruise CG22TT (New)
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Boat engines for sale
Add to cartNo Spill 1.25 Gal Gas Can (Fuel Tank) Used
Portable 3 Gal Fuel Tank (Used)
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Perks Gas Cap Unit (Used)
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West Marine Fuel Filter Funnel (Used)
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Yanmar Fuel Filter 41650-502330-12 (New)
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Add to cartYanmar Element 124220-35210
Yanmar filter 129479-55703 (New)
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Yanmar Element Fuel/Oil 127695-55760 (New)
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Replacing plastic boat fuel tanks

Tips on how to replace boat fuel tanks

There is something that any boater can tell you and that is Plastic boat gas tank do not last forever. If you are thinking of replacing your used boat gas tank then you should take it as a major decision. If you have a good boat and you have a good run with it for many years, chances are that you will need to replace the marine gas can at some point in its lifetime.

Replacing plastic boat fuel tank is not an easy feat and it may require hours or sometimes days of boatyard labor to accomplish. After removal, it is time to put in a good one and then rebuild all other things.

The choice to replace boat gas tank is not one that most owners have to make. This happens mostly if you keep the boat for a very long time. Most tanks are good for around 15 years or more especially with proper installation and maintenance.

What would make a plastic boat fuel tank not last long?

Even though most boat gas tank are designed to last a long time, there may be issues that may cause problems to arise earlier than anticipated. Once upon a time, builders favored the black iron or low-carbon mild steel tanks. However, if you do not maintain the exterior coating of paint, they become quite susceptible to rusting. In addition, if by any chance water makes its way into the boat gas tank, then it starts corroding inside and this could make its way all the way to the surface.

There is also the scenario where water leaks around your fuel fill or through the deck and then pudding on the top of your tank. In most cases, the boats are often found under the decks and they have very minimal clearance between the deck beams and the top of the tank. This means that not very many owners will notice the puddle and clear it. This is something that can go on for many years without anyone noticing. This is made even harder by the fact that the marine gas tank sides could be looking great and you end up knowing there is an issue when your top rusts all the way through and water gets in. The fuel filter eventually fills and this ruins your experience.

How to deal with this issue facing plastic boat fuel tank?

To remedy such an event, it is important to keep the black iron tank as dry as you possibly can at all times. It also helps when you coat the outsides with epoxy. The insides should also be dry to ensure that the tank enjoys a long life.

It also helps to know the kind of gas that is approved for the boat gas tanks for sale. For the carbon steel ones, they are to be used with gasoline alone if they happen to be galvanized on both sides. Galvanized steel is not black iron. The galvanized tanks can be used for gas. However, diesel fuel can attack zinc. The non-galvanized tanks can be used with diesel because it may not accumulate any water in the tank compared to gasoline that is ethanol-blended. This allows the iron tanks not to rust and therefore last longer.

Other boat fuel tank option

Apart from galvanized steel and black iron, you can choose an aluminum or plastic boat fuel tank. You need to note that it is not only black iron that corrodes. All metals including stainless steel and aluminum can also face corrosion when water is trapped and without access to some fresh air. Usually, aluminum cannot corrode in air. This is because of the formation of an aluminum oxide skin that keeps it from deteriorating. However, if water happens to seep between the tank’s bottom and the surface where it lays, then corrosion occurs.

To eliminate this issue, there is a need to insulate your tank using neoprene that is high density, plastic, or materials that do not absorb moisture under the strapping and the tank. The material used for insulation needs to be bonded to the tank entirely. Polyurethane sealer or adhesive can be used.

Choosing plastic boat fuel tank

We have established that there are indeed many types of best portable gas tanks for boats. You can go for the plastic boat fuel tank if it is what your boat needs. This can be used to carry extra fuel if you plan to be away for a while. You may also opt to carry some extra fuel using a marine gas can.

There is a wide range of metal and plastic boat fuel tanks for sale at Harbor Shoppers. We can guide you with the selection process so that you find exactly what your boat needs. Shop boats online only at Harbor Shoppers.

We serve people with different budgets too. If you are on a tight budget, you can peruse our cheap boat gas tanks. We always strive to offer customers functional tanks that will last for many years. It is possible to find the used marine fuel tanks for sale that are still in good working condition.

When you finally find the ideal plastic boat fuel tank, you should take time to understand how it functions and the best fuel to use. Proper tank maintenance on a regular basis can help you shield your boat from unnecessary damage.

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