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Different boats require different marine engine parts. That is why we have stocked all sorts of parts for different engines to suit different boats. Outboard engine parts should be functional and made from the best materials. If you need new or used outboard motor parts, we can help you pick the best according to the performance you want and your type of boat.

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Marine Exhaust Hose(New (Out of package))
Add to cartMarine Exhaust Hose(New (Out of package))
Add to cartSierra Diesel Oil Filter 18-7884
Add to cartSierra Premium Marine Oil Filter 18-7879
Damaged Duo Propeller
Add to cartDamaged Duo Propeller
Controllable Pitch Propeller
Add to cartControllable Pitch Propeller
Bronze 2-Blade 16'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze 2-Blade 16” Propeller
Bronze 16'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze 16” Propeller
Bronze 12'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze 12” Propeller
Volvo B7 Propeller
Add to cartVolvo B7 Propeller
Michigan Bronze 10 1/4 x 10 Propeller
Add to cartMichigan Bronze 10 1/4 x 10 Propeller
Bronze Canal Line 18'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze Canal Line 18” Propeller
Bronze 12'' Propeller
Add to cartBronze 12” Propeller

Keeping your boat running with the best marine engine parts

Choosing new or used outboard engine parts for your vessel

If you want your boat to always run well every other season, it helps to have a professional guiding you on what you need and the best parts that you can use to maintain the vessel. new & used Outboard motor parts ought to be selected with care. Using low quality, substandard or defective parts can cause a lot of harm to your boat. By going for quality, you remain in a good position for a long time to come, especially when you adhere to regular maintenance and service.

In as far as outboard engine parts are concerned, there are different types that you can select from. You may opt for the original equipment manufacturer or you can settle for the aftermarket ones. When the boat is still new, original equipment is always preferred. Find a dealer who has a great inventory of such parts ready for sale to make things more convenient.

Aftermarket and used outboard motor parts near me

In situations where such original boat engine parts prove too expensive and the boat is a bit older but well preserved, then the aftermarket parts can be a suitable selection. There is also the option of using used outboard motor parts. Just because they are used does not mean that they are of a poor or a lower standard. At Harbor Shoppers, we always test the parts before making them available for sale. We have the know-how and tools to take the necessary diagnostic to determine how suitable the parts are once we source them from the owners.

Used outboard engine parts can be a selection, especially in situations where one is under a restrictive budget. Just because you are under a tight budget, you should not simply settle for the first used boat engine part that you come across. Take time to weigh your options. Make comparisons, and ensure that the outboard and inboard marine engine parts is indeed a match for your boat. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Aftermarket outboard motor parts happen to be less expensive compared to the OEM ones.

What are some of the outboard engine parts?

For it to function well boat engine parts are made of different components. These form a system under which the motor operates and propels the vessel. Sometimes, some of the components may fail and may need to be replaced. At such time, you need to source quality parts from renowned dealers.


This has girders that run parallel across the engine and they are connected with transverse girders. A lot of engine thrust happens here.


This component is usually subjected to fluctuation bending, high torsion, and shear stress. The crankshaft needs a good bearing surface and it should be able to resist wear and tear.


This operates the main valves and works with the cam follower. Cam profiles produce needed speed at the right time.

Frame box

The frame box supports the engine cylinder block


Its function is to convert force exerted by expanding gases as combustion takes place into mechanical energy. This is the heart of the engine
The above are some of the most popular boat engine parts. Even when they are in perfect condition and maintained on a regular basis, they can still break down due to normal wear and tear. Of course, there are many other components that could break down. The trick is to have the right replacements done professionally.

Buying the marine engine parts

There are different brands that offer parts including Yamaha outboard engine parts. It is always sensible to choose the right part for your particular engine. There is a no size fits it all option when marine engine parts are concerned. You need to understand your boat and the engine well if you are to make the right choice.

Finding the right dealer should be the main target for purchasing branded parts like Yamaha outboard parts. The parts needed will have to do with the weight of the boat, fuel injection, the horsepower, and the hull capacity. These are things that you can be guided by the dealer that you choose.

At Harbor Shoppers, we stock all sorts of new & used outboard engine parts for sale to meet any need that may arise. Shopping with us means that you will be guided in accordance with the needs that the boat has.

Remember, it is not all about getting the best parts. You also have to make sure that you get the installation done correctly. Poor workmanship can cause even more damage than before.

While you have the option of getting new parts for your vessel, we offer you the chance to buy high quality cheap outboard & inboard marine engine parts. This is because we work closely with boat owners and are actively looking for the best engine parts that some people are willing to sell for one reason or another.

We guarantee quality and a wide range of parts for you to choose from such as boat engines for sale, boat fuel tanks, boat supplies, cheap boat seats, boat maintenance, high-performance parts, boat propellers for sale, boat bilge pumps, sailboat hardware, boat trailers for sale, nautical items, boat swim ladder, etc. Get your new & used outboard motor parts today!

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