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There are boats that are created for purposes of performing. There comes a time when you need high performance parts and you always have to pick the best. We have in stock the best performance marine parts and engines that you can think of. We can guide you on what to buy based on what your type of boat needs are.

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us marine parts | wholesale marine parts
Add to cartVolcan Jam Cleat Quad 8-10mm (USED)(Used) Volcan 8-10mm
Autohelm Raytheon Raypilot 650 (Full System New)(New) Raytheon Raypilot 650
Add to cartAutohelm Raytheon Raypilot 650 (Full System New)(New) Raytheon Raypilot 650
Harken 60 2 Speed Winch (USED) Harken 60
Add to cartHarken 60 2 Speed Winch (USED) Harken 60
Saba 50 Fountaine Pajot (NEW) Rudder Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 Rudder
Add to cartSaba 50 Fountaine Pajot (NEW) Rudder Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 Rudder
Performance Trim System (Smart Tabs SX)
Add to cartPerformance Trim System (Smart Tabs SX)
Performance Trim System (Smart Tabs SX)
Add to cartStingray Junior Hydrofoil Stabilizer
Smart Tabs SX (Performance Trim System)
Add to cartSmart Tabs SX (Performance Trim System)
Smart Tabs SX
Add to cartSmart Tabs SX
outboard and inboard boat propellers for sale near me | used boat props for sale
$1,000.00 $800.00
Add to cartPropellers Yamaha 225
Sierra Starter (Outboard Motor Starter)
Add to cartSierra Starter (Outboard Motor Starter)
Used boat engines for sale
Add to cart2012 Mercury 8 Horse Power Outboard Engine
Gopro Dome Shoot Dome
Add to cartGopro Dome Shoot Dome
Nikon Camera (Used)
Add to cartNikon Camera (Used)
used boat props for sale and used outboard propellers for sale
Add to cartCutlass Bearing (Used)
Rockville iOn Power Station (New)
Add to cartRockville iOn Power Station (New)
Lagoon Roller Furler from a 450 (Used)
$2,000.00 $1,250.00
Add to cartLagoon Roller Furler from a 450 (Used)
Used 20 Sail Drive
$2,000.00 $1,700.00
Add to cartUsed 20 Sail Drive
35 Harken Winch (Used)
Add to cart35 Harken Winch (Used)
23 Barient Winch (Used)
Add to cart23 Barient Winch (Used)
50 SS Harken Winch (Used)
Add to cart50 SS Harken Winch (Used)
40 Harken Winch (Used)
Add to cart40 Harken Winch (Used)
Window-22986 6, " Depth (New/ Old Stock)
Add to cartWindow-22986 6, ” Depth (New/ Old Stock)
Window-22986 (New/ Old Stock)
Add to cartWindow-22986 (New/ Old Stock)
Window (Old Stock, New) Windshield Glass
Add to cartWindow (Old Stock, New) Windshield Glass
Window, Windshield Glass (New)
Add to cartWindow, Windshield Glass (New)
New Window Little Starboard
Add to cartNew Window Little Starboard

Finding the best high performance parts for your boat

There are some boaters who love the thrill and that is why the demand for high performance parts is often so high. There are so many manufacturers out there making some of the parts to make your boating experience one to remember.

There are so many high performance marine engines for sale that you could consider using or buying. If you have a marine engine, it helps to add some more parts to make the experience even more elevated and better.

In most cases, it is not about choosing power for the high-performance boat. Mostly, it is all about the type of boat that you buy and the kind of engine that you choose, you can settle for either inboard stern drive power or an outboard engine. You should note that specific styles and hull types often come with different kinds of power to offer. In most cases, there is not much you can do to change the maximum power that the vessel can be able to offer.

Why you need performance marine parts

Every boater appreciates the experience associated with being out on the water. The wind, the spray of water, the sounds of nature, blue skies and so many other things that make the experience even more elevated.

For the experience to be even better, it becomes necessary to find the best performance marine parts. This is the chance to experience everything and so much more.

If you want a great experience, then you need to consider every part of the boat and then make your choice in a way that all the parts work to complement one another. Choosing marine performance parts is the first step to making great strides out on the water. When you have an engine, then issues will always come up. Things may stop working as they should or it can break down entirely.

It is not necessary that every boater should also be a boat mechanic. You need someone to come and look at your engine and parts and replace the ones that are defective before things get too complicated.

Maintenance of high performance boat parts, replacement, and repair

This is the trickiest part. It is not always easy to tell who sells an excellent high performance boat parts for your boat. Most people do not know how or where they should start. It is not all about finding someone giving a great deal and then making a purchase. It is not all about going to the shops and comparing prices.

If you want to make it easy, then you need to start by taking a look at the manual. The manual can tell you a lot about the high-performance marine engines for sale. Manuals often offer the user so much valuable information that he or she can make use of.

You get to know the parts that are most suitable in case you want to replace something. However, finding a qualified person to do your maintenance, repairs, and replacement can save you a lot of trouble. People with great experience can actually be very valuable at offering your insight regarding what you should or what you should not buy in as far as an outstanding performance boat parts are concerned.

Tips on choosing the best high performance parts


If you do not know much about Yamaha, Suzuki, or mercury outboard high performance parts or any parts by brand, it helps to choose the brands that are well known in the market. There are some companies that have been offering marine solutions for many years and some offer superior products that last for a long time.

Get help: choosing high performance boat parts

You should never be ashamed of making inquiries from others who are more conversant with the boating world. Do not do things alone if you are not sure about what exactly you are looking for and what to expect.

There are many people who can assist you in this respect, including retailers at shops, mechanics, and repair shops all over. You can gather a lot of valuable information in such a case. One rule of thumb is to always seek skilled help when high performance outboard parts are concerned. One incorrect step can cause more issues and then prevent you from getting the desired outcome.

Type of boat

When choosing your parts, it helps to consider the type of boat you have and the kind of parts that it actually needs in the first place. There are some parts that are specifically meant for specific styles. Making this consideration before making a purchase can save lots of time and trouble.

Buying performance boat parts

We have established just how important it is to make a wise and informed decision before buying your parts. Performance boat parts need to be taken care of if you want them to be functional for a long time to come.

At Harbor Shoppers, we have stocked all the best, exclusive & the quality high performance parts to ensure your experience gets better and better. You have a wide range to select from and knowledgeable staff to assist you with making the right choice for your vessel.

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