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Find the Right Boat Cover for Your Vessel

What is a Boat/Marine Cover?

A Boat cover/Marine cover is used to cover a boat. Even if your boat is kept in a covered space, having a boat cover is well. A well-chosen boat cover can protect your boat from moisture, and also from unwanted visitors like rodents and insects. However, buying boat covers is easier said than done. To start with, there are different boat covers for different purposes. For instance, if you need a marine cover while the boat is on water, there are specialized covers designed for that.

Types of marine covers

There are various boats which have a different boat cover.

  • Custom Boat Covers:

Custom boat covers are recommended for those looking to enhance their boat with a smooth and attractive fitting cover. Each boat cover is precisely developed and formed to fit a boat according to its shape and size. These marine covers also provide extra durability, compared to regular boat covers, and make for excellent travel, mooring, trailering, and storage. Custom boat covers also include a heavy-duty of 1/4 inch shock cord to ensure a tight fit, water repellent, and also mildew-resistant materials.

  • Styled-To-Fit Boat Covers:

Styled-to-Fit boat covers are the highest rating and best-selling boat covers. This style of marine cover is not always the same and specific to exact makes of boats but can suit all fashionable styles and configurations. These boat covers also include boat seat covers which have a shock cord, for a tight fit, and are made with the breathable, water repellent, and mildew resistant materials, making them great flexible for mooring, storage, and travel.

  • Flex-Fit Boat Covers:

Flex-Fit boat covers are valued for their price and wide-ranging sizes. Each boat cover is designed to fit all 14-22 foot sized boats, with six different types of sizes to provide the best protection and storage of your boat. The Flex-Fit marine covers provide great flexibility but are not recommended for mooring or travailing. These boat covers also include a 1/4 inch shock cord with breathable, water repellent, and mildew resistant material.

  • Pontoon Boat Covers:

Pontoon boat covers include a strong & long-lasting shock cord in the hem. Each pontoon cover is designed to fit up to 19-22 foot, along with this it also has all fit standard pontoon boat covers and pontoon boat seat covers in their universal size. So don’t worry if it fits up to a 24-foot boat and your boat is of 19 – 22 foot then also the top of the outboard motor cover by this, and also the front deck as well.

  • Specialty Boat Covers:

Specialty boat covers to fulfil the needs of unique boats, such as T-Tops, Hard Tops, Ski/Wakeboard Towers, etc. These marine covers include 100% polyester tape with protection against water, UV rays, 100% polyester marine-grade zippers that won’t damage. It uses auto-locking tabs to operate and keep the marine cover closed, even in windy conditions. These high-quality marine covers provide durability, strength, performance, and reliable service for years to come.

Some Boat Canvas used to make boat covers are:

  • Sun-Dura
  • Poly-Guard
  • Polyester/Cotton Double Duck.
  • Camouflage
  • Double Duck
  • Boat Duck.
  • Poly-Flex.
  • Double Duck

Tips while looking for boat covers for sale

  • Colour of the marine cover

While colourful boat covers can give a great look to it, they are not very practical. This can fade after some time, and quickly too. Everything fades under the sun, but when you choose bright boat covers, the fading is more noticeable. More importantly, the dyed marine covers can leave colour on your boat. That is not a nice thing. You should choose something in grey, or even muted blue. It will last for a longer time.

  • The Right Fit

When buying boat covers, it is important that you get boat covers and boat seat covers that fit your boat perfectly. You can also customize marine covers for the best fit and as per your budget. If this cannot be possible then you can use enough rope and straps to tie down the cover as best as possible. Most importantly, check the top of the outboard motor cover as the top of the cover should be higher than the sides. Like this, water won’t stand on the marine cover. While most boat covers are water-resistant, if you let water stand on the cover, it will ultimately soak in.

  • Weather Resistant Materials

Traditionally, boat covers were made out of cotton. These days, they are made from synthetic materials that are made to mimicker cotton. They are weather-resistant, last longer, and do not let moldiness on your boat.

  • Know the Thickness of the Weave

Boat covers are distinguished according to their material and the thickness of the weave. The thickness of the boat seat covers is signified in denier. You can choose the best material out there, but if it is not thick enough, it won’t last long. When checking the denier of the cover you are choosing for your boat, make sure you ask the dealer if it is a pure denier. Sometimes, manufacturers can get clever. They signify marine covers as 600D, even when half of the covers fabricate is done in 300D.

  • Depends on Kind of Boat

Not all boat covers can be put up on all kinds of boats. It depends on how your boat is? Is your boat open bow or closed? Do you need a kind of cover that can accommodate both kinds of boats? Ask these questions categorically before you loosen your prize strings.

  • Top Stitching

Boat covers should never have a kind of French style stitching. It allows water to stand, which eventually allows moisture to soak in. Check the boat cover that you are buying has top stitching.

Best quality new & used boat covers for sale

Take your enough time shopping for boat covers. At Harbor Shoppers, marine covers are offered in a wide range including outboard motor cover, pontoon boat covers, as well as boat seat covers, boat bench seat covers, boat captain chair seat covers, and more. We offer the best quality new and used boat covers for sale at prices everyone can appreciate. Your marine cover will protect your boat for years to come.

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