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Salvage boats for sale can still be a great choice depending on what you are looking for. A Yacht salvage vessel might not be what the original owner wants for a vessel but for many others, it is a much more affordable way to get into the market. Theft recovery boats for sale can also offer you a great chance to access genuine parts and a chance to own a boat. We have hurricane damaged boats for sale available from different brands at Salvage boat auction.

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This Week Only!  2008 Wide body Nautica Rhib 19’
Bid: $300.00
Bid NowThis Week Only! 2008 Wide body Nautica Rhib 19’
Updated Pictures- 1999 Hunter 410 Gone With the Wind
Add to cartUpdated Pictures- 1999 Hunter 410 Gone With the Wind
Salvage boats for sale | new cheap boats as best sailing boats for sale
$23,000.00 $22,000.00
Add to cart1998 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42″ (Entre Nous)
one of the best Salvage boats for sale, Sailboats for Sale, used cheap boats & small boats
Add to cart2007 Beneteau Cyclades 39′ (Green Wave)

Best Ways of Finding Yacht Salvage Boats for Sale

Smart buyers and theft recovery boats for sale

Salvage boats for sale are a welcome choice for anyone who does not mind paying repairs to get the boat back to its normal condition. There are times when things do not go as planned and boats are damaged, but it is still possible to salvage them. Yacht Salvage is often sold at very low prices because at most times, the owners are simply trying to get rid of them.

Insurance companies and owners usually give damaged boats for sale and theft recovery boats for sale at Salvage boat auction in the coastal areas after major storms or other natural disasters take place. A good example of such an occurrence is hurricane Dorian that hit the Bahamas. This is an event that had a great impact on the properties that had been set up in the area and this included boats and houses. The sales skyrocket after the hurricane as the residents counted their losses.

Most people who choose to buy salvage boats for sale usually take them to people with skills to do the repairs. In some cases, the people who make the purchases already have the resources and the skills that are needed to make the boat as good as new if not better.

Deciding on the best yacht salvage boats for sale

The first thing to do after you find hurricane salvage boats for sale is to find out the kind of condition that the boat was in before the disaster hit. When you have an idea about the kind of condition, the boat was in before the loss occurred. It is very important. You need to think of it as a boat that does not have any damage. This helps you determine whether it was maintained well and whether there were any other damages that existed.

You need to ask all the necessary questions before buying salvage yachts for sale, theft recovery boats for sale, or any other old boat. You need to pick a boat that can be fixed without necessarily working on the entire boat. This makes it possible to know the pre-loss value of the boat and therefore you may place realistic offers or bid.

Considering damage

After successfully determining the pre-loss condition of the Yacht Salvage, you now have to consider the extent of the damage caused by the event that took place. This helps you evaluate the damages and establish what will be needed for the repairs. When you are considering the damage, you should overestimate it.

Types of damage that you can find on salvage boats for sale

You need to understand the damages that could possibly occur to a boat during the disaster. There are different types and they include:

  • Submersion

In this case, hurricane damaged boats for sale have the most damage. Submersion affects the entire boat. Electronics and equipment may be likely ruined by water, but there is a possibility of saving the boat engine if it is taken care of immediately. At times it may be too late to prevent any real damage and there are chances of hidden damage.

  • Dock rash

This is also common and happens when the boat rubs against other bats, pilings, and the docks. Fixing can be straightforward in some cases, but you may have to do some work to access some areas. You will need some skills repairing this kind of wrecked boats for sale.

  • Groundings

This is also common and causes damage to the gear and fittings underwater. You may have to check the propeller shafts, rudders, keels, and props. You need to carefully inspect the insides of the boat and ensure you look at the steering system as well.

  • Wind damage

Repairable boats could also be wind damaged and this can be noted on the sails and canvas that could be shredded. Structural damage can also be caused by wind. The mast could also fall and cause damage to the deck and the top of the cabin. When there is wind-driven rain, then more damage could occur inside the boat.

  • Salvage damage

This is another thing you could notice when you buy salvage boats for sale. This happens as the vessel is being recovered. This is because the process could involve considerable strains and stresses of pulling the boat from the water and into a vehicle for transportation.

It is possible for hurricane salvage boats for sale to have one or more of the above damages. This is why a buyer needs to get as much information as possible about the boat that they are buying. You can look for an expert opinion before boat purchase.

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Best wrecked boats for sale at a salvage boat auction

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