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Lift & Lock Anchor Control
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Lift & Lock Anchor Control

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Lift & Lock Anchor Control

Boat trailers for Sale: Introduction & How do you choose one?

boat trailers for sale are designed in a way that they can launch, then retrieve, and then carry boats. In some cases, they can be used to store the boats. You can find trailers that are often times hydraulic options being used near marinas, with boat builders, boat dealers, boat haulers, and boatyards. In general, the trailers are not really used to store the boats.

New & used boat trailers for sale mainly depends on the need that you have. There are many types of trailers that are available today and they are different in the way they are propelled, the things they are meant for, and size and so on. This is something that you ought to look at when you are choosing trailers.

Types of cheap boat trailers

These include:


These are also referred to as self-movers. They are not really cheap trailers in the true definition of the word. These are boat movers that are operated hydraulically and they have a tractor unit dedicated to them. They have all the features that the hydraulic counterparts have.

Non-commercial trailers:

When you are picking new or used boat trailers for sale, then you need to consider whether they are commercial or noncommercial. A non-commercial trailer is used by an operator or by the owner. This is a trailer that may easily be used for the purpose of storage.


This can also be referred to as a roller style trailer. It makes use of polyurethane and/or rubber rollers to make it easy to load board and launch.

Glide path:

This is also called a float-on kind of trailer that allows boats to float onto it. This is done by partially submerging the trailer. This is among popular new & used boat trailers available today.

Choosing new & used boat trailers for sale

Whether you want a big or small boat trailers for sale, you need to make a choice as carefully as you can. Unless your boat is meant to remain docked all day and all week, you need a trailer that can help you move it to and fro your home. When you manage to secure the boat to a good trailer, then it means that you can easily take it to any other water body that can be accessed by road.

Length of the boat trailer

It is very important to check the trailer length. You need to make sure that before you buy used small boat trailers for sale or any other trailer that it has enough room to hold your boat. When you are making your choice, ensure it is a couple of feet longer than the boat it is meant to carry. The best dealers make an indication of the length of the product on the description provided. If there is no description available and you are viewing the trailer in person, then you can measure it yourself. When you are measuring or getting the measurements, the swim platform should never be included in the length measured.

The weight

When picking new boat trailers for sale, it is important to find out more about the weight limit. This is the only way you can tell if it can handle the weight of your boat or not. This could be a very simple thing for those with experience, but newcomers sometimes mistake dry weight measurements in relation to the weight limit of the trailer.

Dry weight

This is the bare bones weight of the trailer that is the motor and the hull. The wet weight consists of the safety equipment anchor, waste, water, oil, and fuel among others. When there are extra items on board, it means extra weight. When choosing your cheap used small boat trailers for sale, it makes sense to pick a model that has a weight limit that is much higher than the wet weight of the boat.

Roller or bunk style trailers

These two are the most common styles used to make new boat trailers. The bunk trailers are the option that is easier in as far as maintenance is concerned and they are also cheaper. These trailers are submerged into the water partially. At this point, the boat is then driven on directly and then secured.

For the roller style option, they are more expensive in comparison. However, they make the boat launch easier. By looking at the name, you can tell that the boat trailers  have got balls. The balls make it possible for the boat to roll off. This means that the roller style trailers do not have to be submerged into the water. The only thing that is needed is a winch that is heavy-duty. This raises the boat onto the trailer easily.

Purchasing boat trailers for sale near me

After you have identified the size and style you want, it is time to make the purchase. You can take the time to make your comparisons. At Harbor Shoppers, there is the widest range boat trailers for sale near me options. You can also find used boat trailers & high-quality lightweight boat trailers that can handle smaller vessels.

We have staff on standby to assist you in making the best and most reasonable decision on choosing boat trailers for sale based on your needs and the size of your boat at online boat sales.

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