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Lewmar Low Profile Hatch Size 44 17 3/8'' x 17 3/8'' #39944030
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Southco Lock, MM-01-431-50 Talon Sliding Entry Door Latch (NEW)
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West Marine 6'' Plated Boat Bell and Bracket
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Lewmar C.Q.R Stainless Steel Anchor 35lbs #0056506
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SeaChoice 79041 Twin Eye Ribbed Fender 1/2" Eye 4.5" x 16" (NEW)
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Boat decor to help transform the interiors of your boat

We all love beautiful things, and that is why we work so hard to improve our surroundings all the time. If you have a boat, then you could consider using nautical decor to change the whole outlook of your vessel. This, in a way, gives the boat some identity, and you can pass on some of your personality too. The best thing is that there are some rather inexpensive ways in which you can make the transformation and still get the kind of look that you were targeting.

The most important thing is that the boat is functional and safe. However, you also have to think of what happens when you are anchored or docked. You need to have a space that gives you a homey feeling below. This is what boat decor can help you achieve.

How to go about boat decor

Decorating a boat is not an easy thing. It can pose a significant challenge, mainly because of the amount of space that is available. Space is somewhat limited in a boat. However, you still want an area that is personal, cozy, and comfortable. This eliminates the cluttered, cramped, and small feeling that one gets in small spaces.

To do it right, you need to choose the best accessories to transform the interior ambiance if your boat. These are versatile solutions, and they do not need too much money or effort to achieve. This allows you to get a style splash in the shortest time possible. If your styles vary with every season, then you are in luck. This is because the accessories can be interchanged quite easily, altering the whole outlook of your boat.

Some boat decor ideas

  • Marine decorations

Marine decorations allow you to get that homey feeling even when you are far from shore. When you have some ideas on how to achieve this, you can get started and find some of the best decorations that you could include. The available options include:

  • Throw pillows

These can alter the way space looks, especially when they are colorful. In most cases, the interior of a boat utilizes neutral tones like wood shades, beiges, and whites. When it comes to decorating the neutral tones, even the smallest color splashes have such a significant impact and can make a significant alteration. Throw pillows allow you to experiment with colors, and the best thing is that they can be reverted or easily changed. Choice of color or print mainly depends on your personality or likes

  • Lighting

Using the ideal kind of light changes everything in the boat. With light, you can easily change the mood within the space. You can use extra light or softer light for a different effect. Lighting can alter the kind of ambiance that is existing within a room. LED lights are particularly popular in this case.

  • Floor Rugs

Floor rugs can help you make a grand statement, and they can add a lot of personality and color to a room. These marine decorations can be changed at will and alter the whole room in a matter of minutes. You could choose your rug and then start decorating the space based on that. This is a recommendation by professional interior designers.

The other thing worth noting is that most rugs can serve double duty. They can be a great way to protect holly soles and teak so that they didn’t tear and wear comfortably. If you choose home rugs that are standard made, then some sizes may not be suitable for boats because of the limited space.

There are some boat rugs created for boats specifically. Some are perfect for the smaller kind of boats, while others are a bit wider to handle larger boats. It makes sense to choose a rug that dries quickly, and one that is mildew stain, and fade resistant. There are so many colors to pick from, and so you can choose one that suits you.

Baskets for decoration

When picking marine decorations, also consider baskets. These are great when you want to minimize the clutter while still achieving that neat and decorative function. One of the most limited things on a boat is space, especially the smaller option. When you have baskets of different colors, it is possible to spruce things up a bit and become decorative. Baskets offer storage as well.

The baskets can be used as a means of holding things like newspapers and other things. You can also choose to store cables for electronics, and any other odd thing that may be within the boat.

Where to get the best decor accessories

If you are looking for the best boat decor accessories, then find the best at harbor shoppers and spruce up your surroundings. This is the best way to make your stay on the boat rewarding and worthwhile.

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