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Yanmar Marine Diesel Used (Yard)
Yanmar Marine Diesel Used (Yard) $4,000.00

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Yanmar Marine Diesel Used (Yard)

Buying the best outboard motors for sale

New & Used Outboard motor for sale and where to get one

Outboard motors for sale are propulsion systems that are used on boats. These consist of a jet drive, propeller, gearbox, and engine. They are included in one single unit.

The outboard motors are very popular, especially with propelling small watercraft. Apart from propulsion, the outboard engines for sale are used to ensure that you have steering control.

The design of the motors is done in a way that they can be pivoted over mountings. This is what helps to control thrust and direction.
There is also the skeg, which acts as the rudder once the engine is switched off. Outboard motors for sale are unlike the inboard motors in the sense that you can remove them quite easily for the purposes of repairs or storage as needed.

New or Used outboard motors for sale need to be tilted up so that they remain elevated in a position either manually or electronically. This reduces the chances of one hitting bottom when using it. It also makes it possible for the user to travel through any shallow waters where they can encounter debris. Debris can damage the motor and propeller. Elevating the motor eliminates the likelihood of this happening.

In case there is a malfunction of the electric motor that is required to change the pistons that lower or raise the engine, there is a manual piston release, which means that the motor can be dropped to the setting that is lowest. This is what makes many people opt to buy the used outboard motors for sale or new outboard motors for sale.

Buying new or used outboards for sale

There are many issues that you can encounter when you decide to buy used outboard motors for sale. You need to be very conscious when making a purchase and you should always be aware of some of the things you out to look out for before closing the sale. As a rule of thumb, if the deal is too good to be true, then it probably really is. Some of the things to look out for include:


When you buy used mercury outboard motors for sale or used Yamaha outboard motors for sale or Suzuki outboards, then this is one of the areas that may have issues if you are not careful. You should realize that if you buy an outboard engine that is more than 10 years old and with compression issues, it might not be liable for any repairs. In most cases, you may be advised to simply sell that engine for the spares and get another one.

It is therefore very important to test for uneven or low compression on used outboards. This can be done using a compression tester. This same test is done on cars as well. You should also use a socket set to take out the spark plugs. This is not a very hard thing to do even though you can consider taking a professional with you when you are buying the compressor. You need to note the reading and test all cylinders.

Low readings indicate that the motor is no good and it makes sense to choose something else. You can also test the engine and try to stress it. Just because the engine starts does not really mean that it can perform.


This is another area that can cost a lot of money when repairing used outboard motors for sale near me. This happens to be an issue with outboard engines for sale that are over 10 years old. It is also common with engines that had been used commercially and in cases where the public had been around to hire them out for use during a cruise or for time fishing.

You can try having muffs added to the engine and start. You then need to use a tiller or push the accelerator manually into reverse or forward. The person selling you the motor should not have any issues with this kind of testing. If the seller does not allow it, then you should move on. In addition, if the test is conducted and you note clunky sounds or it is difficult, then it could be an indication of a problem.

The powerhead

Depending on the severity, repairing used outboard engines for sale for this issue can cost quite a bit of money. As such, before you buy, make sure that you look at the powerhead. This can tell you if the engine is well maintained and whether you should test it even further to consider a purchase.

The gaskets should be checked first and they need to be in perfect condition when choosing New or used outboard motors for sale or larger ones. The seal needs to be in good condition as this indicates that the motor was maintained well and if it was ever repaired then it was done in the proper way. Check out the tubes and wire as well and ensure they are secure and in the best condition without loose connections and frayed wires. This shows that the used Yamaha outboards or used mercury outboard motors are in good condition.

At Harbor Shoppers, we have the best inventory of used mercury outboards for sale, used Yamaha outboards for sale, cheap outboard motors, small outboard motors for sale, new outboard motors for sale that you can find. These are in perfect condition and you can receive guidance from our team of professional staff to make the best choice ever.

2 Stroke versus 4 stroke outboard motors

First, know the local rules and regulations on whether or not you are allowed to have a 2 stroke engine on the water in your area or can get parts. Several countries do not stock or carry parts for 2 strokes.
4 stroke outboard engines for sale are much quieter and have less pollution but have more parts that can break. Get your outboard motors for sale Now!

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