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90’ Sailing Yacht For Sale New Systems & New Bottom Paint (Ready to Use)
Gibbs Marine Ron Holland Custom

Lauren L

Georgetown Yacht Basin, Georgetown, Maryland
90 (ft)

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90’ Sailing Yacht For Sale New Systems & New Bottom Paint (Ready to Use)

2016 Wilbur Yachts Millennium 45
Wilbur Yachts Millennium 45

Family Ties

$835,000.00$949,000.00save 12.01%
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
45 (ft)

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2016 Wilbur Yachts Millennium 45

The ideal high-performance boats

Who needs high-performance boats?

We all have our own tastes and preferences. In as far as boating is concerned, the same case applies. Some of us prefer boats that are low maintenance and those that are smooth and easy to navigate. There is yet another cluster of us that is thrilled by high-performance options. For boaters who want some adrenaline, high-performance boats are the best as they offer speed while on the water.

The powerboats that are performance-oriented come in different sizes. They can be anywhere between 20 to over 50 feet. They usually ride in a catamaran and V-bottom hulls. They range from the small, small outboard engine catamarans to greater high-performance consoles. There are also the closed deck V bottoms that come with full canopies and with inboard power.

The amenities that are provided in the high-performance boats for sale also differ from one to the next. This is something that has to be considered when you are actively searching for a boat. There are luxurious options that have complete cabins and can be used for weekend getaways.

There are also smaller 34-foot catamarans that could have around six seats in the cockpit but nothing else below deck. It is, therefore, important to know the boat inside out before you purchase, the choice depends on the kind of experience and amenities you want to access while on the water.

Activities that can be enjoyed with high-performance boats

High-performance boats are often designed to deliver great thrill at great speed. However, this is not the only thing that can be done if you happen to own one of these; there are many organized activities that owners of such boats can enjoy on the water and in all different seasons.

Some of the popular activities include poker runs. These involve performance in fleets. The boats run from one point to the next to collect cards. The participants get to play the cards once the activity is over. This gives them a chance to earn some prizes and have a good time with other thrill lovers. There are also different brands that host events. These are usually organized by different boat builders. There are also fun runs and luck runs that different clubs organize at different times of the year.

High-performance boats and social platforms

The events held for high-performance marine boats are a great opportunity to be social and to interact. Apart from these events, you notice that if you choose a console that is performance-oriented, then there are many open spaces and bountiful seating areas within. The newer models have stopped using the traditional setups that were most popular in the past and now embrace the ones with greater space.

The models falling in this category can range from anywhere between 34-60 feet. This means that there is a lot of seating space for passengers. This is what makes them such a great choice for anyone who wants an elevated social experience. This gives you the opportunity to bond with friends and family, especially if you all enjoy the thrill of speed on the water.

Ultimate canvas on high-performance boats for customization

There is no other boat category that offers customization opportunities than the boats within the high-performance area. The high performance speed boats come with elaborate paint jobs and this seems to be the rule in the fast boating world. There are builders who match the interior colors to the ones on the exterior. In as far as power is concerned; the buyers have many outboard and stern-drive options to think about. However, this greatly depends on the kind of model that has been chosen. The options you can access are usually limited by the budget you are working within.

High-performance boat ownership

Whether you pick small high performance boats or big ones are usually dictated by your budget or your taste. In most cases, the best high performance boats ownership seems to be a bit higher compared to other kinds of powerboats available in the market. There are new model prices that can be as low as six figures but can also go past one million. The high speeds achieved could be up to 180 MPH. The high speed boats for sale also come with very powerful engines and they are a bit expensive to insure compared to the counterparts like pontoon boats or Bowriders.

If you are interested in cheap high performance boats for sale, look no further than harbor shoppers reliable boat dealers. We have a wide range of vessels, yachts as well as high performance parts to choose from and we can also advise you on the best way to source used high performance boats for sale. We guarantee quality and only source boats from the most reliable manufacturers and sellers. Even for the used boats, there is a rigorous verification and testing phase to ensure they are within acceptable standards.

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