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62' Custom Commercial Boat
Custom Built Custom

Kelly Jayne (Formally Royal Star II)

Indpendent Boatyard and Marina
62 (ft)

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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62′ Custom Commercial Boat

What are Tugboats used for?

Understanding tugboats and whether you need one

Some of us love boating, especially when there are many opportunities available around us in terms of navigable water bodies. Whether you are an expert in boating or just a novice, it always makes sense to find the ideal boat to enjoy different water activities. There are different reasons why people search for boats. A tugboat is one such type of boat available in the market today.

A tugboat can be defined as a vessel that is able to maneuver other types of vessels by pulling or pushing them either through direct contact or by using towlines. Normally, tugboats will move the vessels when they are restricted in terms of maneuverability. An example is when there are ships within a narrow canal or a harbor that is crowded. There are also those that are not able to move without help such as oil platforms, log rafts, disabled ships, and barges.

Usually, these vessels are quite powerful despite their size and they are built in such a way that they can handle tasks. Some can be used on the ocean. There are some that are used as salvage boats or icebreakers. In the past, the boats came with steam engines. This has changed and now most are diesel-powered.

Most of the boats under this category come with monitors used for firefighting. This makes it possible to fight fires should they erupt, especially in different harbors.

Types of tugboats you can choose

If you are looking for tug boats for sale, it helps to know the different options that are available, especially when the seagoing options are concerned. There are several categories that you have to think about.

  • Standard Seagoing Tug:

This is a model that comes with a bow and it tows using a wire cable. This ocean tugboat is also referred to as wire boats or rope boats.

  • Notchtug:

This is a new or old tugboat that is secured using a notch located at the stern. This is connected to the barge that is designed well and we achieve a combination ship. However, the configuration is quite dangerous when used with the barge. In most cases, the boat tugs are meant to tow winch.

  • Integrated Tug:

This is tugs for sale that comes with an integral and barge unit. It has vessels that are designed especially so that they lock together in strong and rigid methods as the authorities specify. The navy tugboats for sale under this category tend to have poor designs, especially for navigation especially when there are no barges.

  • Harbor Tugboats:

These are mini tugboats compared to the seagoing ones. They have a higher width to length ratio because they need lower draught. These are called lunch bucket in some small harbors. This is because they come in handy when needed and they do not need to be manned by too many people at a time. Harbors have different infrastructures and these determine the kind of tugboat the area needs. The kind of tugboats for sale that you should pick depends on things like the type of ships that are at the harbor, the waves, and currents, and any prevailing force like the wind.

Propulsion of the tugboats

When you are choosing new or used tugboats for sale, you need to find out a couple of things such as propulsion. Since the invention of the first tugboat, a lot of changes have been made and today they offer so much more to the user. Steam tugs were used in different harbors all over the world and this has not really changed.

The largest tugboats come with more power and sometimes these are the best for navigating out in the sea. There are some designs that cannot be operated on the seas but have to be limited to lakes. You should take time to evaluate the kind of water body that the tugboat is best suited for. This eliminates frustrations associated with navigating the wrong waters at the wrong time. There are river tugboats that are only ideal for that level.

Tugboat rating

When you plan to buy tugboats, it helps to know that they are rated based on the bollard pull as well as the power output of the engine. It is important to evaluate the need at hand so as to choose the right tugs for sale.

Best Tug boats for sale

If you need new or old tugboats for sale, vast Harbor Shoppers. There are all sorts of tugboats like luxury tug boats, tugboat cruiser, offshore tugboat available here and they are all in the best condition. Our tugboat prices are very lower compare to others. If you buy a tug vessel, it should be able to meet the kind of needs that you have. Most of them are used commercially thus opens a lot of business chances.

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