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62' Custom Commercial Boat
Custom Built Custom

Kelly Jayne (Formally Royal Star II)

Indpendent Boatyard and Marina
62 (ft)

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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62′ Custom Commercial Boat

An overview of houseboats

Why would you consider buying a houseboat?

A houseboat is not the same as a boathouse. A boathouse is used for storing boats. A houseboat is usually a boat that is modified and designed in a way that it can be used as a home. In some cases, houseboats are moored and kept stationary and at a fixed point. They are also sometimes tethered to the land to offer needed utilities. This is why they are not motorized in some cases.

In most cases, however, houseboats for sale are actually capable of operating like normal boats using their own power. In the western setting, most of the houseboats are usually privately owned or sometimes rented to holiday goers at different times of the year. There are areas in Europe where people live within houseboats all through the year. This includes places like Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

Different parts of the globe view houseboats differently. They also find different uses for the same. There are places where houseboats are a way of life and are therefore very popular in specific places. When you are picking new & used houseboats for sale near me, you need to evaluate your specific need and then decide on the best brand, size, and type of boat to choose.

Houseboats basic categories

In as far as houseboats are concerned, there are two categories that can be used to describe them. It is from the categories that most of the buyers make a choice. The choice is usually based on the budget and the intended purpose of the houseboat. House boats for sale need to be evaluated and chosen carefully to get the desire experience.

The two categories are:

Non-cruising options

These are a type of houseboats that cannot be used for purposes of traveling out into the water or the sea. In most cases, the mobility that they enjoy is very limited. In many cases, the houseboats for sale do not have any mobility at all. Whether you choose a new or used houseboat for sale, you need to consider this factor. This is often based on whether you want to move around or just remain stationary.

In some cases, the houseboats can have a sail or a small engine. However, they remain moored most of the time. They can also be tied to slips, anchored, situated within a dock or marina, or remain on a spot that has been designated for them, the non-cruising houseboat is very common and it is the preferred floating home for many. When you find a houseboat for sale by owner, ensure that you enquire whether it is a non-cruising option if that is what you prefer.

Bluewater or cruising houseboats

There are instances when we look for used or new houseboats for sale so that we can enjoy excursions. In such a case, a big or small houseboat that is capable of moving is a good choice. The cruising houseboats operate like normal boats and can be used for purposes of cruising.

Finding luxury houseboats for sale that can cruise allows you to have a splendid time while on the water. This may cost more, but when the choice is right, they are worth the investment.

These types of new or used houseboats come with engines or sails to facilitate movement. This means that they rely on fuel for them to be mobile.

For those looking to buy big or small houseboats for sale, it may be hard to understand what the terminologies used in descriptions actually mean especially when looking at the specifications. The houseboat is very similar to other foliating vessels and the same nautical lingo is applied to describe different things.

Buying the ideal houseboat

To be safe, it makes sense to buy your desired houseboat from a verified and knowledgeable dealer who knows the ins and outs of the boating industry. Since this is a long-term investment for recreational or commercial use, it is always important to think everything through and make the best decision in as far as choice is concerned.

If you want to buy a houseboat, there are features and brands that you could evaluate to determine how suitable they are for your needs. Houseboat costs differ from one to the other, the houseboat prices are usually based on the age, the features, specifications, and amenities that are available.

New & Used houseboats for sale

At Harbor Shoppers, we source used houseboats for sale by owner and evaluate its value and reasonable price. We also deal with new houseboats for sale for those who want fresh experiences or those who feel it is the right path to take.

Live on boats for sale are a good choice and they can actually be used as an investment with good returns if you decide to rent them out to people who want some holiday time or an escape from normal living. We can help you access a wide variety of the best boats from verified sellers and the best brands.

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