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Why a Trawler?

Traditionally, when you think of a trawler, you might think of a small working boat used for fishing. In that, you would be correct. They had deep hulls for storing fish and indeed get their name from their primary function: trawling nets for fish. However, over time they have transcended this single use functionality. The classic trawler design has now been taken and outfitted with pleasure cruising in mind. For the most part they have retained their full displacement hulls that allow the vessel to plough throw the water, rather than on top, but some even sport semi-displacement hulls.
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Guide to Buying Sportfish Yacht

Let’s cut to the chase. If you are considering buying a sportfish vessel you probably have one thing in mind… or a few specific things in mind: Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Marlin, and more. That being said, while fishing at any level from pleasure to commercial is certainly within the realms of many sportfish yachts, you will be surprised at the variety that is on offer at Harbor Shoppers, and what that variety can offer you.
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Online Marine Salvage Solutions

Chad Blake, the owner of Harbor Shoppers, comes from a family with roots planted deep in the marine industry. It all started with running and operating a large multihull catamaran charter business in the Caribbean for almost fifteen years.
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Online Marine Recycling for the Future

Imagine being heavily involved in the Commercial Marine Industry in the Virgin Islands. Imagine staring down hurricanes Irma and Maria trying to avoid catastrophic damage to your boats. Can you even imagine 63,000 yachts and boats damaged or destroyed from one event happening? Chad Blake watched the US Coast Guard scrap over 1000 boats in the Virgin Islands without any marine recycling. Stood onshore watching, thinking, that there had to be a better way. Understandably, with so much plastic waste and fiberglass waste in the marine environment after a category five hurricane, clean up was high on everyone's mind.
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