Marine Radios for Boats

Marine Radios for boats are a big deal and cannot be ignored. You need to have a waterproof radio for the boat to avoid damage. Boat Radios are created to withstand the harsh conditions that are present in such environments. Choose the best boat radio at Harbor Shoppers that guarantees the best standards and functionality.

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Raytheon GPS(New)
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Electronic Charting System(New)
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B&G VHF Wireless Remote Control H50
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Poly-Planar MA-4055 Integral Grill Speakers 5'' / 4''
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Raymarine Smart Controller(Used)
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Yaesu VHF FT-747GX HF transceiver w/ Microphone
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Kelvin Hughes Husun 70 VHF Transceiver
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Signal Mate Antenna
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Hubbell Telephone Cable Set
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Raymarine VHF (Used)
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Robertson & Caine Console (Used)
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Essen Radar Mount (Used)
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EPIRB ACR Electronics Globalfix Pro
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KIVIHI ViaSat Broadband ArcLight (Used)
$650.00 $487.00
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KIVIHI TracPhone V3 (Used)
$1,000.00 $750.00
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Raymarine Radar Dome (Used)
$256.00 $192.00
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cheap bimini tops | bass boat bimini top
$300.00 $120.00
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High-quality Marine Radios for Boats

When you have the best marine radios for boats, it has the potential to save your life in different situations. Many perils could happen on the water, and you may find yourself in some real trouble. The past models did not offer much, but today, there are best boat radio that come with some additional benefits that you should consider.

When you have this kind of boat radios for sale with you, it means that you can get in touch with other vessels in a two way kind of contact. They can also get in touch with different rescue services or anyone else who may be using this kind of radio.

In the past, this product was one size fits it all kind of thing. However, they now have some extra features and are designed to suit requirements even better. There are some features that you should consider when picking the best boat radio.

Features to look out for when picking boat radios for sale

  • Handheld or fixed options

When choosing the best marine radios for boats, there is the handheld or the fixed option that you can choose from. Those with excellent boating experience tend to prefer the fixed option and a mobile option as a mode of backup. They also carry extra batteries just in case. This is because if the battery fails, the fixed radio cannot work.

  • Corrosion and water damage protection

When picking boat equipment and tools, you should always be aware of the nature of marine settings, which are humid and sometimes salty. With the fixed radio option, corrosion is not such a big deal. However, the handheld models have been known to fall overboard by accident. If the handheld option is your preferred choice, it helps to pick a waterproof portable radio for boats. It should also be capable of floating.

You should look carefully at the rating, which tells you whether the model you are looking at is waterproof or not. If it is not waterproof, then it will have the IPX0 rating. One that is waterproof comes with a rating of IPX8, which is the maximum rating.

  • Antenna length and range requirement

These VHF radios usually come with different ratings in as far as distance is concerned. For those who venture into the open water, the best is the 50-mile range kind of radio. If you are much closer to the shoreline, then you can pick a shorter range. The VHF Marine radios usually transmit in a straight line. This is one of the reasons as to why a longer antenna is always better. By choosing a model that has a longer antenna, you make it possible to transmit and receive the best reasonable distance with the system.

  • Weather alerts

If you want to leave for the open sea, it is of utmost importance that you get weather information that is timely and up-to-date. Some of the VHF radios are usually equipped with some early warnings, which can help you to know whenever a storm is incoming. This enables you to prepare and potentially save lives. A bass boat radio or other vessel radio is critical, especially because of the kind of responsibility that exists when you have people on board such as the crew, family, or friends. This is why it is worth considering when you are making a marine stereo installation.

  • DSC capability

In many cases, the VHF radios usually come with digital selective calling or DCS that is inbuilt. This function makes it possible to send emergency services to the correct location directly. This means in case of an emergency; it is much easier to locate you. If you are concerned about safety, you should select a radio that comes with this option. There are many boaters that do not have the function, but it is a very important one all factors considered.

  • GPS capability

This is another handy function with newer models. It makes it possible for you and others to know the exact location that you are in. This makes it possible for people to locate you and offer assistance if needed. There are some models that can save some destinations, especially the ones that you frequent. This is a great thing, especially if you have a favorite spot where you engage in activities such as fishing.

Buying the best boat radio

Many things have to be considered when picking the best boat, especially the features. You should find whether an upgrade is needed or not. At harbor shoppers, we have in stock some of the best waterproof radios for the boat to meet your specific demands. This makes it possible to find exactly what you were looking for with the guidance of the best staff that are conversant with the requirements present in the open waters.

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