Monohull boats have been around for a long time now and they give reasonable stability on the water. Monohull comes in different shapes and sizes and they are available from different brands. Finding a great Monohull for sale is as simple as visiting us for the widest range of boats to choose from.

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Hard Bottom Little Boat with Yamaha 15 hp(Used) Yamaha 15
Bid: $100.00
Bid NowHard Bottom Little Boat with Yamaha 15 hp(Used) Yamaha 15
Caribe 12’ Dinghy (USED) Holds Air!(Used) Caribe 12 2000
Bid: $600.00
Bid NowCaribe 12’ Dinghy (USED) Holds Air!(Used) Caribe 12 2000
New Listing! 2007 4400 Maryah
$400,000.00 $80,000.00
Add to cartNew Listing! 2007 4400 Maryah
New Auction- 2011 Caribe 15' (Caribe Inflatable)
Add to cartNew Auction- 2011 Caribe 15′ (Caribe Inflatable)
2007 Sundancer 320 Salty Dog
Add to cart2007 Sundancer 320 Salty Dog
Motor yachts for sale as power yachts
$275,000.00 $229,900.00
Add to cartNEW MOTOR YACHT LISTING -53 Foot Pilot House (Ready to Enjoy)
NEW LISTING!!! USVI Perfectly Set up Charter Company and Fleet For Sale
Add to cartNEW LISTING!!! USVI Charter Company and Fleet For Sale
1990 Molokai Traditional “Silmaril“
$89,000.00 $82,000.00
Add to cart1990 Molokai Traditional “Silmaril“
1985 385 Dauntless
Add to cart1985 385 Dauntless
1968 34' Hatteras Sportfish For Sale
$59,000.00 $54,000.00
Add to cart1968 34′ Hatteras Sportfish For Sale
Best motor boats/motor yacht as Cruisers for sale
Add to cartPower Boat Rinker Fiesta Vee 320 2005
Salvage boats for sale | new cheap boats as best sailing boats for sale
$23,000.00 $22,000.00
Add to cart1998 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42″ (Entre Nous)
2011 Beneteau Oceanis 38 (Kohina)
Add to cart2011 Beneteau Oceanis 38 (Kohina)
one of the best Salvage boats for sale, Sailboats for Sale, used cheap boats & small boats
Add to cart2007 Beneteau Cyclades 39′ (Green Wave)
used motor yachts for sale by owner
Add to cart2006 Sea Ray Sundancer
2004 58’ Tarquin Corsair
Add to cart2004 58’ Tarquin Corsair
2002 Beneteau Oceanis 393 39’9” (Dell Rose)
$62,000.00 $53,000.00
Add to cart2002 Beneteau Oceanis 393 39’9” (Dell Rose)
Sailboats for sale as one of the best yachts
$79,900.00 $59,990.00
Add to cartMotivated Seller! 1989 42′ Catalina For Sale and Ready to Use.
Electric boats for sale
Add to cart52′ | 1992 | (Nautilus VI) Subsee Explorer 35 Passenger Reef Viewer
super mega yachts for sale as Cheap Sailboats for Sale
$149,000.00 $139,000.00
Add to cartBest Revenge Beneteau 50’ 1999
used sailboats for sale as one of the best cruiser boats
Add to cartSAILING MEETS POWER BOATING! 2011 26M MacGregor 26M
Sailboats for Sale, one of the best cheap boats for sale
Add to cart2010 Beneteau Oceanis 37′ Pollux
used sailboats for sale
Add to cart1987 Island Packet 38′ With Mast!
motor boats for sale near me
Add to cart1980 – Refit 2019 Lindsey Trawler 37′ (Sadie Sea)
luxury motor yachts for sale & small motor yachts
$222,000.00 $199,000.00
Add to cartReduced Price! Sunseeker Predator 58′ 2000 (Bacchus)
all boats for sale
Add to cartBavaria Cruiser 34
best small motor yachts for sale as classic motor yachts
Add to cart2002 Mainship 390 Trawler 39′ (Knot to Shore)
motor boats for sale near me
$160,000.00 $149,000.00
Add to cart1996 Manza 46 passenger ‘Bloody Point Double Eagle’

The Concept of Monohull

Understanding the Monohull Boat

Monohull refers to a boat that only has one hull compared to the multihulled boats that may have more than one individual hulls that are interconnected. If we were to compare Monohull vs Multihull, you would note that both have their set of pros and cons. 

The earliest form of the Monohull was made of logs. These kinds of boats were quite unstable and it was very easy for them to roll over. There are some who used hollow ones, but this did not change things really unless the hollow area could penetrate under the log’s buoyancy area. There are those who would add ballast or any kind of weight at the bottom to add some sort of stability. 

Adding ballast and other weights can be traced to the Vikings, the Phoenicians, and the Romans, today, the modern ships also carry lots of ballast in an effort to maintain stability on the water. This is true for cargo ships as well and in this case, the ballast is added to help with weight distribution.

The variations of Monohull Boats

Monohull boats come in different variations. This is something you need to understand when you are choosing a Monohull boat.

  • Keels: this is the case with larger sailboats and sailing ships. They have deep keels where the ballast is contained. This allows the boat to be stable horizontally
  • Displacement hulls: in most cases, the Monohull boats need to ride deep into the water. This is what is referred to as displacement hull
  • Planing hulls: these are the hulls, which ride on the water top. This is because when they are at the optimum speed, they tend to be lifted above the water to a substantial level. This is what is referred to as planning, i.e. is to plane. 

The Stability of the Monohull Boat

The Monohull is the most common boat that you can access for rent or purchase. There are Monohull Yachts as well and they are a preference for many people. The yachts under the category have a single hull. One of the important characteristics of such vessels is how stable they are. 

Though we cannot guarantee that a boat can never capsize, it is rather impossible for the Monohull Yacht to capsize. This means that you should be very safe even when you are out in the sea. The extreme stability that these boats enjoy is due to the ballast and the keel included in their structure. This is very important to understand. 

The Monohull yacht is suitable for people who love yachting, those who are young, and anyone who wants to enjoy some thrill and adrenaline at sea. 

The types of sails that can be used

Monohull boats are usually equipped with sails and a mast. You can roll the first sail while the rear one can be conventional or also rolled on the mast.

The conventional sail

This sail is able to help the sailor achieve better performance and it is very easy to use it. A halyard can be used to raise the mainsail. Lowering it means that you will have to release the halyard. When the winds are strong, you need to reduce the mainsail area and this is achieved by reefing.

Having the mainsail has its advantages. This is especially because of the greater power for propulsion and the simplicity that it boasts. Its main disadvantage is the fact that reducing its size can be tricky, especially when there is a lot of wind, in most cases, the charter boats have two reefs only, and the mainsail, when reduced to two reefs, can be too large when the winds are strong. 

Roll up mainsail

For those who are not too confident sailing especially beginners, the conventional mainsail can be a little intimidating and that is why they prefer the roll mainsail.  Here, there is less work involved and it is a bit less strenuous. The complicated part comes in when you are trying to roll up the sail to the mast, there are many risks, and there are chances that things could go wrong in the process. 

The advantage of using this kind of sail is how fluent the sail reduction really is, even when the winds are really strong. The disadvantage is that the roll-up equipment is technically complex and if not done right, defects can result. This kind of sail is also a bit smaller compared to the conventional one meaning there is less power offered. We also have different kinds of monohull boats like motor monohulls, monohull sailboats and many more.

Catamaran Vs Monohull

Comparing catamaran vs. Monohull indicates that catamarans tend to boast inherent stability. This means that it is the better choice when there are big families involved, especially when there are seniors and children on board. The two age groups tend to have less stability while on their feet. 

If you are choosing between a catamaran or Monohull boat, you need to figure out the kind of experience you want while on the water and who you are sharing the voyage with to make sure everyone has a great time. 

We have the widest and best collection of Monohull boats at Harbor Shoppers. You have the chance to make comparisons and make your pick according to your specifications and needs. 

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