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Volvo- Kohler Filters(New (Out of package))
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Volvo- Kohler Filters
New (Out of package)

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Volvo- Kohler Filters(New (Out of package))

Picking the ideal Boat Trailer Fenders

Fenders are essential, but buying them can be somewhat confusing for some. It is never easy to tell the ones that are the best. There are plastic, steel, and aluminum options available in the market. While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking the best, it helps when you know the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can make an informed decision at the end of the day. Depending on use, you may find that one material is superior to your particular need compared to others because of the kind of environment you are planning to be in.

The available boat trailer fenders

When it comes to picking boat trailer fenders, the material is essential. As stated above, the options include:

  • Steel fenders

These have been in use for many years and for as long as the trailer industry has been up and running. Due to this simple fact, they usually are highly accessible and cheaper. They also come in all styles and sizes, and therefore you can get one that is suitable for your needs quickly. The thing to note about steel is that it holds to cracking, dents, and any other kind of force that is applied better than the alternatives. 

The main disadvantage is the fact that it is heavier, and you will need a lot of prep work before you can apply it to your trailer. There is also a higher chance that they will rust, and you will need to paint if you want them to be protected from all elements and, most notably, salty water. 

They tend to hold the paint quite well, even when you only do a simple coat. 

  • Aluminum fenders

When choosing boat trailer fenders for sale, you can consider those made of aluminum. One thing you notice is that aluminum tends to be resistant to weather conditions and elements compared to steel. It is much lighter in comparison and therefore has a longer lifespan. Fenders for a boat trailer made of aluminum do not need a lot of repairs, especially when the maintenance is done well. However, it can crack and flex under a lot of weight and pressure if it were to be compared to steel. 

The other con is that customizing is very hard. If you want to paint, aluminum does not hold paint well, even if you prep it well. It is also a bit more expensive compared to plastic and steel fenders. However, there are many styles and sizes of aluminum fenders that you can pick from. 

  • Plastic fenders

These stand out on their own, and the pros and cons are fewer. Since they are plastic made, they are cheap, and they are not subject to corrosion or rust. Theo can last for a very long time. They rarely scratch or dent compared to the other two small boat trailer fenders options. 

However, if the plastic fender breaks, it cracks straight through. This means that repair can be quite tricky. You do not have many options in terms of how the fender looks, and there are even fewer color choices for the same. They are mostly black and white. They protect the trailer from kicking debris onto the windshields and body of the people driving behind you. 

Fiberglass boat trailer fenders also fall under this category. This is where the plastic is reinforced with glass fiber. These tend to be much more durable compared to plain plastic and can be considered for use. 

Many states require that trailers have fenders. The plastic option makes it easy for everyone to meet the set requirements. Painting on plastic is rather hard, and it is almost impossible to maintain the paint job. The most significant advantage is that mounting them is simple compared to the other materials. This is because plastic is lightweight. 

Sourcing the best fender for your vessel

Picking the right fender for your trailer is a hard and very important decision. You need all the necessary information to make the most sensible decision. If you are looking for the best boat trailer fenders near me, Harbor Shoppers is a great place to start. There is no better way to get going than to have the best people directing you on what is explicitly required for your vessel. 

There are different ways that you can use to identify the material used to make the fender. However, at Harbor Shoppers, you can ask for what you need specifically, and you will be directed to it without much of a fuss. You can shop through the trailer fenders that are available and get the best deal ever. The other important thing is to ensure that you get the right size for your vessel before you place the order. 

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