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Subsee Explorer Subsee 35 Passenger Reef Viewer

Nautilus VI

$199,900.00$230,000.00save 13.09%
Coral World Ocean Park, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, USVI
53 (ft)

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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1992 Semi-Submarine 53′ Subsee Explorer “Nautilus VI”

Sea Ray 460 Sundancer
Sea Ray 460 Sundancer


Independent Boat Yard and Marina, St.Thomas, VI, USVI
51 (ft)

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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Sea Ray 460 Sundancer

Understanding motor monohulls

Uses of motor monohulls

A motor monohull usually comes with one hull only and also bears a motor making it a faster option than other monohulls without motors. Multihulls usually have two or even more hulls that are connected to one another and that is what makes it stand out from the Monohulls.

Earliest hull versions were made of simple logs that were stable generally speaking and they rolled over so easily. This made it necessary to hollow the logs out, but this only helped when the hollow penetrated the buoyancy center within the log. When a load was carried in the cavity, it made the vessel even more stable. There are cases where ballast or weight can be added to the hull bottom to stabilize it even better.

Today, naval architects usually place the gravity center just below the buoyancy center and this is often achieved by using ballast or weight. The use of weights has been done since the Vikings, the Phoenicians, and the roman eras. The modern motor Monohull carries lots of ballast in an effort to maintain stability. Even the cargo ships that are laden quite heavily still find it necessary to use ballast to facilitate weight distribution

The pros associated with using motor monohulls

If you want motor monohulls for sale, it helps to know the kind of uses that they facilitate. Most of us do not like the unknown and that is why we only stick to the things that we know without evaluating alternatives if any.

The motor Monohull is a good performer and offers great experiences and this is why it has not lost its popularity even with so many options available today. Some of the pros of having a motor Monohull include:

  • Good looks

It is always a thrill to be associated with boats that are attractive to the eye. This is one of the things that some people will look out for when choosing motor monohulls for sale. While not all look great, most of them do and it is a good thing. If we were to compare this to catamarans, the Monohull tends to be more attractive and therefore can be a great pride to own one.

  • Maneuverability

The other reason why people choose to buy motor monohulls is the way they maneuver. This is an option that is maneuverable compared to others. The response it has to the helm is also quite faster when compared to that of the catamaran. This makes it stand out even more.

  • Movement

The other thing that used or new motor monohulls in good condition do is slicing through the water in such an effortless manner. This is an added advantage to those who own them. It means you move on the water so well that the kind of experience you have is elevated. You may not experience slapping, as is the case with catamarans especially the ones that bear lower bridge decks.

There are some who claim that it is better to enjoy a flat sail on a catamaran. While this can be an advantage, healing, as experienced on motor monohulls is one of the most thrilling experiences that you can have.

  • Swinging

Finding new motor monohulls or used motor monohulls means that you can enjoy less swinging when anchored. The swinging is as compared to the catamarans. This means that you can enjoy some quiet time when you are not moving and are anchored.

  • Price

If we were to compare them to top catamarans with the same equipment and the same sleeping capacity, the used motor monohulls for sale tend to be less expensive. This is one of the things that make it a suitable choice for many.

Motor Monohull choice

While there are also cons that are associated with the motor Monohull, the pros outweigh them completely. It is a good choice to make. There is a lot of thrill associated with choosing motor catamarans especially when you go at high speeds.

The choice of a motor Monohull is based on personal preference. You always go for something that you want to be associated with.

If you are buying a vessel for a specific group, then the motor Monohull should suit the group in the best way possible. Whether you are buying or hiring, ensure you choose one with enough facilities and space to fit everyone.

The budget also dictates the kind of motor Monohull that you pick. There is no way you can pick something that you can barely afford.

Buying motor monohulls

To make the purchase process easier, choose Harbors Shoppers. Here, you get the opportunity to browse the motor monohulls that are available; we deal with used and new motor monohulls to fit different budgets. This is the place where you can access the most competitive prices without compromising on quality.

If you want to sell a used motor Monohull, we evaluate it and give you the best price. We then make it available to a ready audience willing to buy it for different purposes.

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