24 Dec

In the market for a new boat? Not sure which design to opt for? Join the thousands of boaters whose hearts have been captured by trawlers. In this article, we will go through what makes a Trawler and why it is the perfect boat for you, regardless of your intended use.

What is a trawler?

Traditionally, when you think of a trawler, you might think of a small working boat used for fishing. In that, you would be correct. They had deep hulls for storing fish and indeed get their name from their primary function: trawling nets for fish. However, over time they have transcended this single use functionality.The classic trawler design has now been taken and outfitted with pleasure cruising in mind. For the most part they have retained their full displacement hulls that allow the vessel to plough throw the water, rather than on top, but some even sport semi-displacement hulls. Full or semi-displacement does mean one thing though, you will not be going anywhere fast. Most trawlers have an average speed of 7-9 knots, with a maximum speed of 10-12 knots, depending on the length of the boat and power onboard. The deep hull rides low in the water which will provide you with much-increased stability, regardless of the weather condition. To this end pleasure trawlers really fulfil the needs of fantastic vessels to own. You have time to watch the world go by and you can do it in comfort. That being said, there are many other perks to owning a trawler.

Why buy a trawler?

  • Carry and launch tender
  • Easy maneuvering

We’ve already explored the stability of the vessel in the water, which to many is a big plus on its own. Past that, trawlers offer generous living space for luxurious holidays and experiences compared to other vessels of similar size. While they can look slightly intimidating in structure, it sure is practical. The great thing about trawlers are the space, whether as a family or with friends, you can be sure that you will not be sat on each other’s laps. More than that, there is plenty of practical storage space for all of your things. Not to mention the open-plan walk-around decks! All this space and room leads to one extra thing: versatility. No matter whether you are taking a pure pleasure cruise, fishing cruise, or even looking to fish commercially, these purpose built boats will support your needs both thanks to the deck space and the stable design.Next up is the range of these great boats. Not something that’s always a first concern, if a vessel has a poor range it can really put a downer on things. Thanks to the architecture of trawlers, they come equipped with very large fuel tanks allowing you to spend more time enjoying what you are doing rather than fiddling about refuelling. On top of having larger fuel tanks, they also have great fuel economy, this means that not only do you get more fuel on board, but you get more out of each gallon at the same time. When you own a trawler, you own confidence.What else gives you confidence in a boat? How easy she is to maneuvre! After many years on board sailing boats or other precise vessels, owners want to handle something a bit easier for a change. Enter the trawler. Trawlers are comfortable and easy to handle, so easy in fact that everyone in the family would have fun at the helm! More than that, they are safe. The full and semi-displacement models do not allow for full planing on the water, this makes them safe and easy to handle, despite what the world may throw at you.So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a trawler today: https://harborshoppers.com/2004-58-corsair/

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