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At Harbor Shoppers, we love motor yachts! We love buying, selling and just looking at these beauties glide effortlessly through the water. We offer a large fleet of motor yachts for sale including luxury motor yachts, super yachts and mega yachts. We work with our clients to mentor them and advise them throughout the buying and selling process.

Motor Yacht Buying/ Selling Process
Now that you have decided to purchase or sell a motor yacht, you should talk to one of our brokers for guidance. After understanding the specific needs and individual requirements, they will give prospective buyers the most suitable options to choose from. We also assist potential sellers or owners of motor yachts in selling their used yachts at the best rate! At Harbor Shoppers, you can also find new and used components that are used in these yachts.

Features of Motor Yachts
Today, motor yachts are available in abundance as charter yachts and are the most prominent vessels for a luxury yacht charter vacation. Compared to other boats, they have more on-board space and come in many shapes and sizes. Their high capacity for interior and exterior volume makes them the best choice for hosting amenities such as Jacuzzi’s, swimming pools, entertainment systems, etc. Yachts typically range in sizes from 33 feet to hundreds of feet. Luxury yachts that are smaller than 39 feet in size are also referred to as cruisers.

Why choose Harbor Shoppers?
Buying or selling of yachts calls for professional expertise as well as in-depth market knowledge. This is why Harbor Shoppers will serve as your genie in a bottle and our team of experienced brokers will guide you throughout the entire process.

Since there will be a wide array of accommodations and types you can choose from, you can get confused as to the best options during this process. Different motor yachts offer varying layouts as well as the number of staterooms. Our broker will help you in choosing the option that suits your tastes and preferences, and guide you in placing the correct bid to get your dream motor yacht in our live online auction.

Expenses of owning a Motor Yacht:
The introduction of fiberglass as a construction material has brought down the manufacturing costs of yachts; and has paved way to a bigger market. An ongoing practice of purchasing used motor yachts for sale has led way to a huge motor yacht market that has made the boating dream a reality for many Americans. The operational cost of managing a small boat is low. However, you should consider the costs of fuel, insurance and maintenance before narrowing down to the motor boat of your dreams.

We not only assist owners of motor yachts in listing their used yachts on our platform for sale, but also help them in finding brand new replacements. In our advanced database, you can find new or used motor yachts, luxury or affordable motor yachts; our auctions are carried out efficiently and clearly. Now that you have decided to purchase a motor yacht or have come to the very difficult decision of selling yours, Harbor Shoppers is the right place for all your Marine Shopping needs!

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Main Ship 390 Trawler 39' |2002| (Knot 2 Shore)Main Ship 390 Trawler 39' |2002| (Knot 2 Shore)
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Main Ship 390 Trawler 39′ |2002| (Knot 2 Shore)

White PearlWhite Pearl
$73,400 $59,000
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White Pearl

2006 Scarab Offshore 30' CC-692006 Scarab Offshore 30' CC-69
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2006 Scarab Offshore 30′ CC-69

2003 Searay Sundancer 420'2003 Searay Sundancer 420'
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2003 Searay Sundancer 420′

2000 Horizon  48' West Virgin'Yah2000 Horizon  48' West Virgin'Yah
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2000 Horizon 48′ West Virgin’Yah

2015 Calypso Marine 34  34' Soon Come
$210,000 $160,000
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2015 Calypso Marine 34 34′ Soon Come

Cruiser Yachts - 41 Cantius - 41'- 2012 (Seas The Moment)Cruiser Yachts - 41 Cantius - 41'- 2012 (Seas The Moment)
$450,000 $270,000
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Cruiser Yachts – 41 Cantius – 41′- 2012 (Seas The Moment)

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