We, at Harbor Shoppers, provide the best platform for the purchase and sale of motor boats. On Harbor Shoppers, you can browse through motorboats for sale including outboard motorboats for sale, small motor boats for sale, used motor boats for sale, inflatable boats with motor etc. For those who are on a tight budget, we even have used boat motors and cheap motor boats listed on our website.

Why should you buy a motorboat?
Like many celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Alan Jackson and Billy Joel, we too have been drawn to the irresistible lure of boating. Everyone who owns a boat knows the advantages that come with spending a great deal of their savings on a purchase that changes their life. Now that you have decided to buy a boat and get out on the water to enjoy life, we will leave no stone unturned in helping fulfill this wish of yours. Boats come in different shapes and sizes; and are constructed keeping in mind a specific purpose. The most popular option and one that is highly recommended from our end are Motorboats.

Motorboats are small watercraft that are propelled by engines. Their sizes can vary from a small motorboat that carries one person to a huge vessel of 100 feet or more. Their functionalities and uses are diverse; ranging from being used for cruising on the water, to being used for water sports such as fishing, skiing, etc. They are also used in professional racing as well as in navigation and piloting competitions.

Types of Motorboats:
Motorboats can range from smaller variations such as dinghies or rigid-hulled ones to larger crafts such as motor yachts, mega yachts, go fast boats and ships. However, do not get confused with the hundreds of types of motorboats since the fundamental components of these are the same. They all have a bow at the front, a stern at the back, hulls at the bottom and topsides above the hulls.

Components of Motorboats:
Apart from these basic features, each boat has been designed differently and has been fitted with many smaller components that serve different purposes. Another exciting feature that we offer to all boating enthusiasts is the buying and selling of new and used parts of motorboats through our domain. This is done through a seamless shopping experience where we assure unmatched results to all our clients and customers!

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1995 Gold Coast Yachts Sea Lion 47' Sea Lion1995 Gold Coast Yachts Sea Lion 47' Sea Lion
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1995 Gold Coast Yachts Sea Lion 47′ Sea Lion

2001 Sunseeker Predator 68' Sovereign2001 Sunseeker Predator 68' Sovereign
Bid: $100,000
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2001 Sunseeker Predator 68′ Sovereign

1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient
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1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33′ Transient

1985 Grady White 249cc '1985 Grady White 249cc '
$45,000 $33,000
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1985 Grady White 249cc ‘

2006 Scarab Offshore 30' CC-692006 Scarab Offshore 30' CC-69
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2006 Scarab Offshore 30′ CC-69

1982 Marine Trader  39.6' Propinquity1982 Marine Trader  39.6' Propinquity
$52,000 $49,000
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1982 Marine Trader 39.6′ Propinquity

2003 Searay Sundancer 420'2003 Searay Sundancer 420'
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2003 Searay Sundancer 420′

2003 Searay 320 Sundancer 32' Vintage2003 Searay 320 Sundancer 32' Vintage
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2003 Searay 320 Sundancer 32′ Vintage

2000 Horizon  48' West Virgin'Yah2000 Horizon  48' West Virgin'Yah
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2000 Horizon 48′ West Virgin’Yah

2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams
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2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8′ Pipe Dreams

Sea Ray Sunseeker  50' CavuSea Ray Sunseeker  50' Cavu
$50,000 $500
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Sea Ray Sunseeker 50′ Cavu

2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress
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2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31′ My Ocean Mistress

Refitted in 2019 2007 Rayglass Boats Protector Targa 28.5' ProtectorRefitted in 2019 2007 Rayglass Boats Protector Targa 28.5' Protector
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Refitted in 2019 2007 Rayglass Boats Protector Targa 28.5′ Protector

Cruiser Yachts - 41 Cantius - 41'- 2012 (Seas The Moment)Cruiser Yachts - 41 Cantius - 41'- 2012 (Seas The Moment)
$450,000 $395,000
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Cruiser Yachts – 41 Cantius – 41′- 2012 (Seas The Moment)

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