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2005 Raider 1200 Aquapro
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Aquapro Raider 1200 Auction ended
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6300 Estate Frydenhoj ste 22, St. Thomas, USVI

Virgin Islands St. Thomas Store
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2005 Raider 1200 Aquapro

Why Boat Auctions is a Win-Win For Both Buyers and Sellers!

Boat Auctions can be highly competitive bring added attraction to an already sought after product. As a seller, auctions can help you better determine the fair market value and gives you flexibility in the pricing of your product. You set the price you are willing to sell the product for and let the auction do the rest! As a buyer, you are in complete control of what you want to spend on a product. This offers a win-win system for everyone!

Buying & Selling Boats with Harbor Shoppers Online Boat Auctions Is Easy! is your one-stop destination for all your boat buying and selling at live boat auctions. Buying or selling boats and marine parts has never been so much fun!

How Buyers Can Benefit From Harbor Shoppers Online Boat Auctions?

At Harbor Shoppers, everyone can find great deals on boats and boat parts. We’ve all heard the acronym for the boat,” Bring Out Another Thousand” but we want to help change that thinking! Harbor Shoppers can help you find great buys on everything boats; from something as small as a compass to as large as a mega yacht. Our goal is to provide you with a fast, easy & courteous buying experience that keeps you coming back for great deals at boat auctions! Buyers often struggle with finding their perfect boat or boat parts as you have limited options when you go to any dealer for a boat purchase. Scouring all the retail sites online hoping to find the marine product you want can take hours! Take the guesswork out by going directly to Harbor Shoppers, where you can see and compare different types of vessels and boat parts in one convenient location.

How Can Sellers Benefit From Listing Their Product Through Boat Auctions?

Name your price and get your product sold fast! Sellers often struggle to find the right audience for products amidst competition and the noise that exists on other multi-industry marketplaces. Not to mention most people don’t have time to deal with the marketing, buyer questions, shipping, and all the other little nuances of selling a product. However, with our online boat auctions, we take away this worry. Harbor Shoppers specifically targets online traffic interested in marine products. This allows items to get marketed and sold to potential clients needing these products quickly and efficiently.

Selling a marine product takes a lot of time and handling and the resulting transaction can be stressful. Harbor Shoppers acts as your broker, handling all of the time-intensive inquiries and simplifying the ending transaction.

If you are a dealer who sells second-hand boats you are in luck! Many of our customers are boat brokers that purchase a damaged boat from our public boat auction, repair it, and then resell it.
Listing your boat online in our auctions can often mean faster sales and many more dedicated boat buyers frequently surfing the site to see what is new and available.

Overall Benefits of Boat Auctions

Buying boats can be a daunting task. There are several things to be considered before buying a boat. Understanding the logistics of the boat purchase process, the equipment on board, the options and accessories available, and getting your yacht to where you want use it!

Harbor Shoppers with its ease of use and transparency should be your first choice. Harbor Shoppers understands the process and can guide you through buying or selling the boat of your dreams…

Harbor Shoppers discloses any and all information provided to us by the seller so you can feel comfortable about the product you are purchasing.
One of the biggest benefits of bidding in our online marine auctions is that the whole process of selling or buying is expedited. We provide REAL photos of the actual product so you can see exactly what you are buying and feel confident it’s the right product for you!

Benefits of Buying Boats at Harbor Shoppers Online Boat Auctions!

Imagine trying to buy a boat while you are travelling for business. With Harbor Shoppers, you can place a bid on your dream yacht from anywhere. You can watch the live auction, receive updates, and bid all through our mobile-friendly website. You could be living in Seattle and bidding on a boat auction for a boat that’s available in Texas!

On top of that, results are instantaneous with instant price updates.

Buy With Confidence Every Time

Know what you are getting before you buy it. We disclose all information possible about the condition of the product or boat being sold.

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