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Sailboat Rigging systems are essential in sailboats as they offer support to the masts. Come and visit us to access the widest range of rigging equipment near me that you can find, we have stocks from multiple brands and they are all available at affordable prices. Rigging is an important system and should not be taken lightly.

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Roller for Mast Top(Used)
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Lewmar 90mm Synchro Single Block w/ Swivel Head #29929001BK
Add to cartLewmar 90mm Synchro Single Block w/ Swivel Head #29929001BK
Spinnaker Pole End(Used)
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Lewmar Superlock Double Rope Jammer/Clutch 12-14mm ( 1/2-9/16") #29102014
Add to cartLewmar Superlock Double Rope Jammer/Clutch 12-14mm ( 1/2-9/16″) #29102014
Schaefer Double Rope Jammer/Clutch 3/8-1/2'' | 9-13mm
Add to cartSchaefer Double Rope Jammer/Clutch 3/8-1/2” | 9-13mm
Schaefer Triple Rope Jammer/Clutch 1/4-3/8'' | 6-10mm
Add to cartSchaefer Triple Rope Jammer/Clutch 1/4-3/8” | 6-10mm
Schaefer Single Rope Jammer/Clutch 1/4-3/8'' | 6-10mm
Add to cartSchaefer Single Rope Jammer/Clutch 1/4-3/8” | 6-10mm
Spinlock Double Rope Jammer/Clutch 6-10mm | 1/4-3/8''
Add to cartSpinlock Double Rope Jammer/Clutch 6-10mm | 1/4-3/8”
Spinlock XTS Triple Jammer/Clutch 8-14mm | 5/16-9/16''
Add to cartSpinlock XTS Triple Jammer/Clutch 8-14mm | 5/16-9/16”
Lewmar Supelock Triple Rope Jammer/Clutch 12-14mm | 1/2-9/16''
Add to cartLewmar Supelock Triple Rope Jammer/Clutch 12-14mm | 1/2-9/16”
Spinlock Single Jammer/Clutch XAS 1/4''-1/2'' or 6mm-12mm
Add to cartSpinlock Single Jammer/Clutch XAS 1/4”-1/2” or 6mm-12mm
1" Jaw Slides(New)
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RailTube Base(New)
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Rail-Tube Base(New)
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Rope with Blocks(Used)
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Tubing Hinge(New)
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Rail Base(New)
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T Connector(New)
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Rail Fitting(New)
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Rail Fitting(New)
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Facnor Furling Drum Head
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Horizontal Support Flange Gear Box for Harken Electric Winch size 40 & 46
Add to cartHorizontal Support Flange Gear Box for Harken Electric Winch size 40 & 46
Facnor Furling Drum LS 290
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Facnor Furling Drum LS 180
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Harken Block(New)
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What is Sailboat rigging in the boating world?

Understanding Sailboat Rigging

There are many things that happen in the boating world and there are many terms that the ardent boater needs to understand. Sailboat Rigging is one of them. This is a system of chains, cables, and ropes that are used to support sailboats or sailing ship masts called standing rigging. Also included are the stays and shrouds. The standing rigging usually adjusts the vessel’s spars and sails position where they are attached. There is a sailboat rigging, which includes gangs, sheets, braces, and halyards.

The word rigging is derived from the word wringing which is Anglo-Saxon. It means to clothe. Rigging a boat refers to the process of putting different components together so as to help them function including sails spars, and masts.

The types of rigging equipment near me

There are two classes of rigging that you should know of. There is a standing rigging that offers support to the mast. There is the running rigging, which is responsible for orienting sails as well as the degree of reefing. You notice that there are different configurations for every rigging type.

For best results, sailboat rigging equipment near me needs to be done in the right way. The standing rigging, usually has a fixed piston adding tensing to hook your mast in a good place. The standing rigging is made of steel cable because of the strength that it has. In the past, the same materials that were used for running rigging were used for the standing option. For added strength, it was strengthened by coating it with tar.

Replacing rigging

Boat rigging is very important. You should always keep the masts of your boat securely and in place. You can only do this by doing an inspection of all the spare components; you also have to replace the parts before things fall apart.

How long your boat rigging stays in place, usually depends on how heavenly or often you have sailed. It also depends on the kind of care given. In case the leeward side happens to flop underway, constant flexing ends up weakening the metal. This happens over a considerable time and it makes things more likely to fail.

Using the right sailboat rigging hardware equipment is necessary. You need to pull out the mast of your boat every couple of years. This should be inspected.

You need to understand that the mast is held in place by standing a sailboat rigging. This means that you should give it some particular attention. It is not always easy to tell that you need to rig, but when the need arises. You need the best rigging tools to achieve this.

Some things can tell you that it is time to do re-rigging. Always stay alert so that you can notice any strands or candy striping. These are streaks that are rust-colored. Another visual indicator that you need cheap sailboat rigging are cracks that are located in fittings. You may not be able to notice them and they may appear as cracks left behind by machines.

What to remember when considering sailboat rigging hardware

The rules regarding rigging and rigging hardware may vary from one person to the next. The standing rigging needs to be repacked every 10-15 years. The period is not fixed though and sometimes depends on how often the boat is being used as well as the purpose it is meant for. For offshore boats, 10 years is a sensible period.

When you are choosing a sailboat rigging hardware supply, you should know the boat history. You need to know how long the boat has been in use, how often it sailed and so on. History can affect the kind of life the standing sailboat rigging has to offer. If you go for insurance, there are some companies that can require that you’re-rig, especially if the boat you are purchasing is more than 15 years.

If the rigging is made of wire, you need to pull down the mast as well as the fittings. You need to have the wire inspected every five years. Rod rigging tends to last a bit longer. You need to service the wire. By re-rigging, you essentially deal with failure points and corrosion.

Making the rigging purchase

So as to re-rig, it is important to make the necessary adjustments and get all the sail rigging supplies to do things in the proper way. It is always essential to get the best tools and parts so that you will not have to worry about breakdowns.

At Harbor Shoppers, we have the widest array of sailboat rigging supplies and equipment to make the entire re-rigging and rigging process easier and satisfying. Take time to understand the needs of your boat before you settle for supplies. We can help you choose the best equipment for a successful rigging process.

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