Saltwater Fishing Boats

Saltwater fishing boats offers many advantages to boaters who want to spend quality time with their friends and family on the water. We can help you find a saltwater fishing boat that matches your requirements perfectly, keeping in mind your budget and preferences. Saltwater fishing boats are designed for coastal and offshore fishing and are relatively larger than other types.

Don’t let the myriad of options confuse you:
There are plenty of options when it comes to saltwater fishing boats including saltwater fishing boats with cabins, power catamarans, sportfishing boats, etc. Trust the brokers at Harbor Shoppers who will provide you with the best options in saltwater fishing boats for sale. We will provide you with genuine information as well as real pictures of the boats to ensure that you purchase the best saltwater fishing boat.

Buy a boat with the options you want:
There are a wide variety of options available on our website including new saltwater fishing boats as well as used saltwater fishing boats. Depending on your preference for calm coastal waters or deep sea for adventures, there are a wide variety of options available.

Important factors to take into consideration are your purposes of buying the boat: a smaller boat can suit recreational needs for a family whereas sport fishing would require a bigger boat with more options. Our extensive database at Harbor Shoppers will link you with sellers auctioning/having new saltwater fishing boats for sale as well as used saltwater fishing boats for sale.

Popular Types of Saltwater Fishing Boats:
There are various popular categories of saltwater fishing boats and a dedicated broker will help you go through all the options and help you make a correct choice. Today, all-purpose fishing boats, center consoles, cuddy cabins, deck boats and flat boats amongst others are dominating the market for saltwater fishing boats.

Making Online Boat Auctions easy:
We make the process of buying and selling boats convenient and fun. Our resource pages and dedicated brokers are happy to answer all your questions. No matter your preferences, you will find a great deal on our website for boats as well as boat parts.

Why Harbor Shoppers?
Harbor Shoppers is an unrivaled platform for boating enthusiasts or resellers who wish to purchase branded boats at a fraction of the cost and repair them to sail again! Whether it’s a saltwater fishing boat, a motor yacht or a small component of a boat; you name it and we will have it up on our live online auction.

Harbor Shoppers provides the best shopping experience:
We provide a friendly and seamless experience to all our customers for all their marine shopping requirements! We ensure that you have complete information as well as pictures of the boat in its existing condition before you place a bid during the live auction. Take the confusion out of this process and hop on to Harbor Shoppers for the best deals on marine products!

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Sod’s Law

Mako 25
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Mako 25

White PearlWhite Pearl
$73,400 $59,000
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White Pearl

1979 Blackfin  25' Rescuer One1979 Blackfin  25' Rescuer One
$12,000 $3,000
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1979 Blackfin 25′ Rescuer One

2010 Regulator 34SS 34' Nonsense2010 Regulator 34SS 34' Nonsense
$250,000 $230,000
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2010 Regulator 34SS 34′ Nonsense

1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient
$12,000 $2,000
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1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33′ Transient

1985 Grady White 249cc '1985 Grady White 249cc '
$45,000 $33,000
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1985 Grady White 249cc ‘

2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams
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2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8′ Pipe Dreams

2015 Calypso Marine 34  34' Soon Come
$210,000 $160,000
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2015 Calypso Marine 34 34′ Soon Come

2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress
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2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31′ My Ocean Mistress

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