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We have made selling a boat simple and straightforward for you. With our #1 online boat selling platform we attract buyers for all types of boats, large and small, so you can sell any kind of boat at HarborShoppers.com. It’s easy too; with some basic information and good quality photos you can get your boat published fast. Boat listing price starts from just $39 with unlimited description, photos, videos and 360° virtual tours.

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Your listing gets maximum exposure to potential buyers across the world looking to buy any and every type of boat, large and small. Publish your boat listing on Harbor Shoppers and gain the exposure to a massive marketplace of dedicated buyer. The exposure doesn’t stop there! Your listing also gets auto published on 30+ partner platforms like Yachtworld, boats.com, Facebook ads, Facebook marketplace, Google Ads. It’s quick and easy!

Boat Selling with Harbor Shoppers, Our Happy Customers

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“Our boat sold in less than a month! I'm so proud of myself for choosing the top package and making my sale look good. It must have worked because we got all these great reviews from people who saw our listing on Harbor Shoppers website.”
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“I listed my boat on multiple sites but had the best response from this one. Within a month I received many responses regarding my listed boat. And after 20 days only my boat was sold at the best price. Thank you Harbor Shoppers Team!”
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“I really loved this site, it made my boat more interesting and gave me a chance to upload some pictures. After listing the first two weeks were filled with interested buyers! This site is great for selling your next vessel due in part because of how quickly people took interest once they saw what kind of ride you have or where they are located - definitely will use them again if needed.”
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“I'm so happy I was able to sell our boat quickly and easily on Harbor Shoppers. The response has been great, with plenty of people asking about the details and interested in buying the boat.”

Still Have Questions? Here are some answers

How Harbor Shoppers can help me to sell my boat?
Harbor Shoppers is a great place to sell your boat. Not only do you get exposure on their website, but you also get listed on various boat listing platforms. This allows potential buyers to easily find and contact you. Harbor Shoppers See More
How long do used boats take to sell?
If you're looking to sell your used boat, there are a few key things you'll want to keep in mind in order to get the best return on your investment. First and foremost among these is pricing. Buyers are always looking for value, so See More
What details should I include in my boat listing?
When you’re ready to list your boat for sale, make sure your descriptin is detailed and accurate. Use builder specifications like draft or dimensions so buyers know exactly what they're getting. See More
Is my boat too big or expensive to list on Harbor Shoppers?
No!Harbor Shoppers specializes in selling all kinds of boats. Regardless of price point, type or size, Harbor Shoppers can help get your vessel in front of the right buyers. With years of experience in the marine industry, our team has a deep understanding of what buyers are looking for and See More
How do I know how much my boat is worth?
Many factors go into determining the value of a boat, including its make and model, year, condition, and location. But before getting to all that, it's important to understand that boats often have an emotional attachment to their owners See More
What is the best way to sell my boat on Harbor Shoppers?
The best way to sell your boat on Harbor Shoppers is to create a detailed listing with plenty of high-quality photos. Make sure to list all of the boat's features and specifications, and be sure to include any recent repairs or upgrades that See More

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