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Harborshoppers.com has the best Freshwater Fishing Boats on sale that can withstand the day to day use of lakes and rivers. Our extensive selection of boats and guidance of our experienced brokers will ensure that you pick the right boat to match all your freshwater needs!

When to go for bass boats?
Once you have decided to purchase a freshwater fishing boat, there are various other things that you will have to consider. If you will spend most of your time on the water bass fishing, you should purchase a bass boat. However, keep it in mind that they are extremely specialized and suited for bass fishing only. If you want to fish trout, walleye and other types of fish; you should opt for a more versatile boat.

Harbor Shoppers: The go-to place for marine shopping
Wishing to sell new freshwater fishing boats as well as used freshwater fishing boats, owners have listed them on our database at competitive bid rates. You can find a vast range of used freshwater fishing boats for sale, which you can buy by participating in a live online auction.

Types of freshwater fishing boats:
Freshwater fishing boats are available in a variety of types and sizes. Some of the most prominent types are cuddy cabin boats, dual console and side console boats, pontoon boats, ski and fish boats, skiffs, jon boats, etc. The overwhelming types and brands of freshwater fishing boats might get too perplexing for you, and underscores the need for expert guidance that our representatives can be trusted with!

Which material to opt for?
Once you have narrowed down on a boat type, you have to decide which material you would prefer. Deciding between aluminum and fiberglass can be an excruciatingly tough call. However, our dedicated staff will familiarize you with the advantages and disadvantages of both, so that you can make an informed choice.

Be confident about your choice:
Our expert brokers will be available to guide you through any dilemma throughout this process. Our team will ensure that we are receiving accurate information from the seller about the specifications of a boat. We also provide you with pictures of the boat from different angles in its existing condition so that you can be confident about your choice!

Making Online Bidding convenient:
All you need to do to participate in the live auction is register on our website and login. Once you have successfully completed your registration, you will see that your membership has many benefits. Participate in bidding either manually or automatically and you could take an amazing boat home in no time!

Unrivalled domain for Marine Shopping:
At Harbor Shoppers, you can find your dream boat if you are a potential buyer. You can even sell your loved boat when it’s time to let go of it. We also have different marine parts or components for sale listed on our website. Our unmatched shopping experience will ensure that we become the one-stop shop for all your marine shopping requirements!

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Sod’s Law

Mako 25
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Mako 25

2010 Regulator 34SS 34' Nonsense2010 Regulator 34SS 34' Nonsense
$250,000 $230,000
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2010 Regulator 34SS 34′ Nonsense

1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient
$12,000 $2,000
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1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33′ Transient

1985 Grady White 249cc '1985 Grady White 249cc '
$45,000 $33,000
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1985 Grady White 249cc ‘

2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams
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2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8′ Pipe Dreams

2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress
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2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31′ My Ocean Mistress

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