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Harbor Shoppers is the best marketplace for those interested in buying or selling of anything related to a powerboat, ranging from the smallest power boat to huge power boats such as motor yachts. We take your boat shopping very seriously; our brokers will answer all your questions throughout the entire process and guide you in finding the perfect power boats for sale.

What is a Powerboat?
To put it simply, a powerboat, also known as a motorized boat, is merely a boat which is powered by an engine. If you are looking for faster speed and more convenient handling as compared to other boats, then a powerboat, or even a speedboat, is the right match for you!

Why choose Harbor Shoppers?
On Harbor Shoppers, new powerboats, as well as used powerboats, are on sale. As an owner of a powerboat, if you wish to sell your used boat to make room for a new one, you can simply list your used powerboat on our website. Through our live online auction we help you get the best possible price for your boat.

As a buyer, you will get full information about the boats before placing a bid during an auction. You can even purchase our Gold Membership which gives you full access to customer service through phone or e-mail to answer any questions that you may have.

Types of Powerboats:
Powerboats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are used for different purposes. Smaller power boats, such as dinghies or rigid-hulled boats, are used more for recreation, though their larger counterparts, such as center consoles and yachts are equally popular.

There are as many types of powerboats floating in the marketplace, as there are shades in a color palette. Some of the widely purchased powerboats include Bass Boats, Bay Boats, Bowriders, Center Consoles, Convertible Fishing Boats, Deck Boats, Cruisers etc.

You can use different search terms to browse through a huge number of listings on our website; such as used power boats for sale, power boats for sale by owner used powerboats for sale by owner, Beneteau powerboats for sale, etc. You can also search location-specific keywords on our website such as powerboats for sale in Florida, powerboats for sale Ontario, etc.

Components of a Powerboat:
If you are interested in buying or purchasing parts of a powerboat, we will assist you with our flexible scaling process; we can list and sell one big part or hundreds of smaller parts depending on your needs. We will provide complete support when it comes to logistics management, including shipping of the heavy components and the payment process.

We ensure a user-friendly and seamless experience to all our clients and customers. Whether our consumers are using our platform to buy or sell a unique, fully functional boat with an unparalleled auctioning experience, Harbor Shoppers is the right place for you!

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Main Ship 390 Trawler 39' |2002| (Knot 2 Shore)Main Ship 390 Trawler 39' |2002| (Knot 2 Shore)
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Main Ship 390 Trawler 39′ |2002| (Knot 2 Shore)

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Sod’s Law

Mako 25
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Mako 25

1979 Blackfin  25' Rescuer One1979 Blackfin  25' Rescuer One
$12,000 $3,000
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1979 Blackfin 25′ Rescuer One

1995 Gold Coast Yachts Sea Lion 47' Sea Lion1995 Gold Coast Yachts Sea Lion 47' Sea Lion
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1995 Gold Coast Yachts Sea Lion 47′ Sea Lion

1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33' Transient
$12,000 $2,000
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1987 Sunseeker SanRemo 33′ Transient

1985 Grady White 249cc '1985 Grady White 249cc '
$45,000 $33,000
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1985 Grady White 249cc ‘

2011 Nautica RIB  42' 42 Nautica RIB2011 Nautica RIB  42' 42 Nautica RIB
$200,000 $175,000
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2011 Nautica RIB 42′ 42 Nautica RIB

2006 Scarab Offshore 30' CC-692006 Scarab Offshore 30' CC-69
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2006 Scarab Offshore 30′ CC-69

Rib Raft USA 15 foot 15’ || (Seaya)Rib Raft USA 15 foot 15’ || (Seaya)
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Rib Raft USA 15 foot 15’ || (Seaya)

2003 Searay Sundancer 420'2003 Searay Sundancer 420'
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2003 Searay Sundancer 420′

2000 Horizon  48' West Virgin'Yah2000 Horizon  48' West Virgin'Yah
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2000 Horizon 48′ West Virgin’Yah

2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8' Pipe Dreams
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2003 Pursuit 3400 33.8′ Pipe Dreams

2015 Calypso Marine 34  34' Soon Come
$210,000 $160,000
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2015 Calypso Marine 34 34′ Soon Come

2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31' My Ocean Mistress
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2003 Four Winds 298 Vista 31′ My Ocean Mistress

Refitted in 2019 2007 Rayglass Boats Protector Targa 28.5' ProtectorRefitted in 2019 2007 Rayglass Boats Protector Targa 28.5' Protector
$140,000 $99,000
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Refitted in 2019 2007 Rayglass Boats Protector Targa 28.5′ Protector

Cruiser Yachts - 41 Cantius - 41'- 2012 (Seas The Moment)Cruiser Yachts - 41 Cantius - 41'- 2012 (Seas The Moment)
$450,000 $270,000
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Cruiser Yachts – 41 Cantius – 41′- 2012 (Seas The Moment)

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