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We have seen a surge in the popularity of inflatable boats over recent years and have witnessed many types of these boats that have been developed. Shop from Harborshoppers.com and you will realize that we have the best collection of inflatable power boats for sale at competitive prices. Apart from used inflatable boats, we also list new inflatable boats for sale on our website.

Various types of inflatable boats:
Buying an inflatable boat can be a daunting task and the myriad of options can be very confusing for a customer. They come in different shapes and sizes. Most inflatable boats are small, fast and stable. One option is the west marine inflatable boat that has been created by world-famous naval architects such as Henning Neumann. These boats are often very affordable.

Some of the popular inflatable boats that you can find on our domain include Tenders, Dinghies, Roll Up Tenders and Semi Inflatables.

What to consider before making a choice:
If you are planning to purchase an inflatable boat, you should know about the basic facts and features of these lightweight boats. Most inflatable boats contain tubes and hulls and are then sorted by the material used to construct them. You should also decide whether you want a boat that can be broken down and packed for storage and travel, or a rigid boat. The former category is especially suited for life rafts and other boats that are used for recreational purposes.

Choose from the best brands:
Harbor Shoppers has an extensive database for boat enthusiasts who are interested in buying or selling inflatable boats. Sellers list some of the best and most popular brands of inflatable boats such as Carib, Nautica, Zodiac, Apollo and Jet Drives. In recent years, mercury inflatable boats have become a trusted option for buyers looking for both recreational and professional use.

Reliable information and pictures:
It is not always enough to read about a product before buying it. This is particularly true if you are buying a used inflatable boat. At Harborshoppers.com, you can find images of the boat in its existing condition. It will allow you to make an informed choice before placing a bid on a boat during our live online auction.

Why opt for online live auctions?
The benefits of participating in a live online auction are plenty! It is a fairly convenient process that does not require you to be available in a particular location to place a bid on your dream inflatable boat. You can watch the auction, receive timely updates, and place bids on your favorite boat through our user-friendly website.

Unmatched customer support:
Our staff of expert brokers will help you make the best choice! Your satisfaction is our utmost priority and we will not let you down. Once you shop for marine parts and boats with us, you will also be impressed with our unrivaled customer service!

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2011 Nautica RIB  42' 42 Nautica RIB2011 Nautica RIB  42' 42 Nautica RIB
$200,000 $175,000
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2011 Nautica RIB 42′ 42 Nautica RIB

$200,000 $175,000
2016 Brig Eagle 650 21'2016 Brig Eagle 650 21'
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2016 Brig Eagle 650 21′

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